Walmart Red October Nike Yeezy 2

News broke that Walmart starting to sell Air Jordan’s, however they have been doing this for sometime now. Technically they aren’t even selling them but are acting like a middle man service and doing sort of a drop ship style of ordering. Nevertheless, it is a bit odd to see sneakers being sold.

Now what is really weird, Walmart has a pair of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ available. Just like the Air Jordan’s they have on their website, the Yeezy 2 is from a third party.

It is weird to think that Walmart may have you covered on upcoming releases, however the ‘Red October’ Nike Air Yeezy 2 is not being sold for retail. To purchase, you will have to fork over $6,499. But if you are interested in purchasing, visit to grab them or check them out.

Walmart Red October Nike Yeezy 2

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