After sharing our Epic Look at the South Beach LeBron 9 PS Elite, we felt it was time to put together a short video.

The second South Beach color scheme added to the LeBron line (ok third if you can’t the Nike LeBron Slide), the Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite version will retail at $250, a big difference from the LeBron 8.

A few specs on the South Beach Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite are flywire infused with the toe box, pro combat inspired material on the tongue and inner-bootie, four ventilation holes by the heel (two on each side), and carbon fiber starting at the mid-panel which runs to the heel.

The official colorway for the South Beach LeBron 9 is wolf grey, mint candy, new green, and pink flash. Like previously stated, retail price will be $250 with an expected release date of June 2nd 2012. You can pick these bad boys up now at KickSole.

Stay up to date with LeBron releases by checking out our Nike Release Dates section.

Video: Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite South Beach

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  1. $600.00 for a pre-order?? Yeah right, these are NOT going to be that hard to get. There is no where pre-ordering them at close-to retail??

    1. No dude. These released in Europe before they did in America. When they say you can pick them up at KickSole, they mean the ones released in Europe. And actually, even if it was the shoe released in America, it would be a good deal considering the lines and camping out. Oh and these are gonna be hard to get. They went from 250 to 950.

  2. By campout do you mean overnight? I was just plannin on getting there like 4-5 hours before they drop. How limited will sales be?

    1. Who said campout? Camping out is gay as fuuuck. It means nothing and doesn’t mean you will be 1st in line, or even close to 1st. The mall I went to for the cav 4’s had you come the day before and get a ticket, which placed you in line…I had 22 so I was 22nd in line. I got there at 730am and they started at 830, and I was in line before people that were there all night. As soon as people starting running, the cops threw them out.

      1. Nahh the guy in the vid said expect to campout. Are they gonna be doin the ticket thing for these south beaches?

  3. I think the do it different everywhere. That is what the y did in columbus, ohio. Just call footlocker and see how they are releasing them. It is different everywhere.

  4. The are releasing them at stores, they will not be THAT hard to cop. If you get there on time, you will get a pair. I haven’t seen anything about it being a “limited release”. I waited in line for the CAV 4’s and everyone got a pair, and most went back around and copped a 2nd pair, and that was a limited release. 250$ isn’t attracting mass people like a 160$ release. Times are tough. Good luck though

    1. All I know is if me and the 4 other people who is going with me to get them actually get them I will be selling them for $450 with certified free shipping through my job with FedEx. If anybody interested hit me up on Twitter @ogroves82 aka Ricky Groves on Saturday after the release

  5. Yo them shit is limited all rsvp for Nike stores in the USA is taking already they said it on Twitter. I sent out 5 direct messages to Nike stores in nyc and couldn’t rsvp a pair. My only option now is the 2 HOH in nyc to try and get a pair.