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Video: Miranda Kerr featured in Reebok ‘Satisfaction’ Campaign – Behind The Scenes

“The A-List Australian model credits EasyTone apparel and footwear with helping her to stay fit and in shape, despite her busy lifestyle travelling around the world on high profile modeling assignments and caring for her one year old son:

‘I love EasyTone! They look great and they’re super comfortable. I love the results you get wearing them and that I can just throw them in my suitcase and have them with me all the time when I’m travelling. My life is so busy that I can’t always make it to the gym but I love to walk as much as I can and I make EasyTone part of my fitness routine by wearing them when I’m walking.’

For Miranda, feeling fit and healthy is at the top of the list of her notions of satisfaction. ‘I chose stretching as one of my ideas for ultimate satisfaction because I love yoga and I get so much satisfaction out of stretching, it makes me feel good and re-energized. I think to be truly satisfied is to be comfortable within your own skin.’

Are you satisfied? Tell us your most satisfying moments.
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