Vans Zapato Del Barco - Fall 2009

And the boat shoes keep cruisin’ on as the Vans Zapato Del Barco comes out this fall season in three new colorways. Rockin’ a black/grey, khaki, and olive colorway for each shoe, the Vans Zapato uses only premium materials on this shoe, along with white midsoles that will soon have that worn yet stylish look that most Vans’s are famous for. This model pays attention to detail as you can see with the inner lining and ankle area. Be patient as the next season approaches, unless you’d like to pay a fine sum for these shoes online.Via Journal Standard.

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  1. I would rather be rocking these over the mutated Fusions and Hybrids from JB and Nike.

  2. yeah…just like I thought…youd rather rock some fkn homo lookin boat shoes than jordans…I knew somebody was gonna go there I just knew it lol…