Vans Slip-On Fruit Pack

Vans starts Summer a few months early this year with three Slip-On sneakers featuring fruit like watermelons, oranges and apples. The watermelon Slip-On is composed of a red upper with black seeds, a white midsole and green outersole to represent the watermelon’s rind. Following the watermelon Slip-On is the orange model that appears in yellow, orange and graphics placed all throughout the upper. Grape is the final model in the Fruit Pack and is captured with an all over print and kiwi and green.

All three are now available at ABC-MART.

Vans Slip-On Fruit Pack

Vans Slip-On Fruit Pack


  1. I think these vans slip on fruit really cool but where can you buy them.
    I want the orange.
    Who knows this let me know on this e-mail veins. [email protected]
    I am grateful.
    And this has been translated so there may be a strange kind of sense come
    but I am from the Netherlands and I’m going to 8th grade so I can not good english.
    Greetings from Hilde

  2. yeah like she said i really like the fruit vans and i’m wondering if there is any other places i can get them other than the place recomended because i can’t read japanese writing and there really cool shoes!!!!!!
    thank you!


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