Vans Simpsons Collection Preview

As a lot of us were born in the 1980s or 1990s we have all heard or watched The Simpson’s. The official Movie The Simpson’s will hit theaters July 27th 2007, and a lot of companies have received a Simpson’s make over. To accommodate for the movie release, Vans will collaborate with Neckface (Chukka), Kaws (Chukka) and Stash (Sk8-Mid LX). The Release Date is July 14th which 14 models will release with 100 pairs made in each style. Retail price is $100 and the following stores will get shipments: Conveyor at Fred Segal (Santa Monica), Supreme (LA), Dave’s Quality Meat (NY) Undefeated (LV), Kicks/HI (Honolulu), Blends (San Diego), Proper (Long Beach), Bodega (Boston), Huf (San Francisco), and St. Alfred (Chicago). Via Complex.

Vans Simpsons Collection Preview
Vans Simpsons Collection Preview


  1. Im like the only person in Northern CA. who hasen't jumped on Vans bandwagon but i love the Simpsons!!!!!

  2. I think that the bart simpson dunks are very nice. They are a great idea, who ever invented them can make alot of money out of them.the other ones are just whatever they are okay but they look cheap.Dont

    get me wrong they are nice.

  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    pop culture is the simpsons, fox produces that and o'reilly factor on the same major network, read inbetween the lines.

  4. They're alright. I wouldn't buy them but its a great caloboration.

    When the SB homers came out a lot of skaters went nuts.

    Again I dont know about these though.

  5. how much are the shoes and can you say who i can buy the shoes sorry my english isnt very good i comfrom german i like the shoes but i not found a page who i can buy the shoes

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  7. yo Enrique how much u sellin the stash's for????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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