Vans Off The Wall

Lately, Vans has been reaching into its extensive archives for inspiration and the occasional re-issue. Earlier this summer, we previewed the Fall 2009 collection known as the “Off The Wall Pack,” which is an impressive package of re-issues from some of the company’s earliest sneakers. The pack includes  Slip-Ons, Eras, Old Skool ’77s and Mid Skool ’77s in suede/canvas combos and vibrant colorways that were popular back in the day, such as the Classic Blue/Gold Slip-Ons, Gold/Green Old Skools, and Blue/White Mid Skools. No detail was left out, including a retro treatment on the box design – as you can see. Of course, all of the sneakers feature the Vans patented waffle soles. The shoes are available from Vans and select Vans retailers.

Vans Off The Wall

Vans Off The Wall

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