Update: Air Jordan 2009

Mark your calendar, the Air Jordan 2009 has been announced to hit stores on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Though there is no word yet whether this model is the Air Jordan XIV (24), however it is known that the sneakers are made up of white, black and grey with a possibility to feature red on a perhaps a limited edition model. Other noticeable details include an emerald green hologram as well as the jumpman on the tongue. Keep an eye out for the Air Jordan 2009 next year when it is released. What do you think about the Air Jordan 2009? Please leave a comment to let us know. Via SoleBlvd.

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

Update: Air Jordan 2009

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  1. i actually like the shoe…kind of like a new XIV revamp sort of thing. It seems heavier than the 23 but then again, shoe tech is like better than an Mac. JK. but really, for the shoeheads, you may not agree, but i think Jordan Brand has a real classy appeal on this shoe like the 23. and trust me, i know more about shoes than you.

  2. i bet you these are goin to look sweet wit diffrent colourss and in personn…its always the first coulur people are too fishy bout them but jus waitt

  3. 2 things bother me about the shoe,

    the 2-3 inch heel and the ridiculous $190.00 price! you feel me?

  4. i agree with joe about them looking better in diff. colors,i seen a black red and white cw,and man,they looked much better than this colorway

  5. these are cool, a bit of grown up appeal 2 them. still goota get a few of the older mjs though b4 id cop these.

  6. There is too much going on with the lines of this shoe. Curves, straight lines, sharp edges, all packed into one. It is not harmonious whatsoever. It looks too much like a futuristic redo of the XIV, which has no need for a reproduction anyway because it is as classy as Jordans get already.

  7. I love it. I am curious as to what they're going to name it. Perhaps MJ himself ceased to be involved in design with the 23 and hence a model name change from here on…

    Tpain, sorry, I disagree. To my eyes this Jordan is very "harmonious" or coherent in it's design.

    Looking forward to more info on the sole tech. Have they done away with the pods? I hope so. Bring it back to a real "AIR Jordan"!!

  8. Yeah, I agree with many of you that this shoe has a real classy and clean look to it… mature even! I also agree that making the price tag anything over $140 as a standard is ridiculous and on a sub-par design… will come back to bite JB in the end. I'm not so hung up on the "heel" anymore. The mid sole is real nice (which happens to be my fav part on the XX3).

  9. All of you who actually like this shoe are totally STUPID!! Dont let Jordan Brand warp your brains anymore than what they are! If he'd sell shit on a stick, I bet some of you will buy that too! LMAO!!

  10. wow, these are like the xx3, first colorways sucked a$$ untill the newer hotter coloroways, who knows, i look forward to better colorways

  11. looks like a high-end sparqs training shoe.If anything, wait for outlet release if anything or rugged warehouse

  12. people need to shut up these puppies are hotter dan da last 5 jays to come out n any fusion too dey have a great look to them watch when all da player exclusive are seen on da court how official their gonna look ill just wait till da all star game to see how many heads are gonna be rocking these

  13. I like em, but $190? Dam, thats to much. JB just wants to eventually raise the price up to $200. And this time those shoes won't come in a briefcase.

  14. Yeah i said from tha jump these look good except for tha high heel looking shit if they didn't have tha space at tha bottom imo they would look bettet but the blk ones look better i'll get that blk one pretty cool box too. spacey lol

  15. shaqs, reeboks, old addidas from last 90's. just plain wack 23's did good but leave these on the shelves. JB will plummit w/o good retro, gentry still needs to be fired

  16. Jkilla is right…half of u prolly hated this shoe at first like I did. It was ugly then it's ugly now. I'm good. I'll give other colorways a shot if they tight. Different colorways is like a whole new shoe. Don't feel like u have to buy em cause they're J's. If it's ugly it's ugly like the Jordan 15 ugliest J's ever until now maybe. Holla

  17. That marble looking part above the heel is actually kinds tight but that high heel is killin me softly. I can't do it.

  18. People are still gonna cop these even if they think they're ugly. It's a status symbol and will be as long as Jordan is making shoes. I myself who has been collecting OG J's since 85' when the craze first hit and you were da shit if you were wearing a pair of J's. I'm still gonna get em' in whatever colors come out. And remember how everybody hated the xx3's at first when they saw the first pics. Well, I predict it's gonna be the same way with these.

  19. ah…stick any other name on this shoe and no one in their right mind would buy it but, MJ wins yet again.

    at least the XX3 had some inspiration to it. this just looks like….a generic shoe. like any other shoe.

  20. no way would i ever wear these pieces of s**t. they look like some $30 shoes from payless or something. only good thing is the marble lookin sole.

  21. funny how all yall are sayin these look wack compared to the 23s. This same time last year yall were sayin how wack the 23s look in sample photos. neway, i love the design, but the toebox seems a little fat for a person playin the guard position.

  22. I kinda like these. I didn't like the pics before because they looked like shit but these would looks decent. Hope to see better colourways in the future.

  23. fuck the haters ..

    these go hard ..

    give me a chicago bull-esque colorway ..

    and watch how many people start dick ridin the shoe..

  24. …i defnly wont b waitin on these to come out…seriously when r we gonna stop wit the bullshit cuz these r fukn trash and theres gonna b a price on em lik 200…lol whoever cops, ill defnly b standing outside the store rockin the bred XIs laughin

  25. still not sure butstill growin on me…they r kinda all over the place w/ designs & lines & stuff & the marble mirror sole thing is kinda iffy but they r growin on me


  27. Let me give you this shoe of forex education first. However, Curves is this shoe. How a bit can see that in straight lines the breaking through Jordan Brand is false.