Here’s an up close and personal look at the release of the ?uestlove x Nike 1World Air Force 1 that went down this past Friday, August 1st. The video gives a great look at the release that was held at Alife NYC. What sets the sneaker releases from most other types of releases is the attention it draws and the people who camp out for this special release. For those who missed the coverage of the ?uestlove Air Force 1’s, be sure to watch the video to get a better idea of what the turn out looked like.

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  2. Dude spazzed out about the picture because he kindly asked dude not

    to snap pictures. Of him. And with total disrespect and didn’t honor the respect in the other guy asking not to have his picture taken. If someone ask SneakrAddicts DVD not to take their picture we respect that.

    Perfect example. The Mcfly Hyperdunk release. Someone asked not to be video taped and we respected that. We didn’t record any footage of him. He stepped in the view of the camera one time. And we edited him out.

    It’s just a form of respect. The guy taking the pictures should have respected the request of the person on the line. So he had every right to spaz.

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