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Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week: 5/18 – 5/25

Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

With the “Memorial Day Weekend” releases having come and gone, it’s only right that we bring you a recap of the top releases of the week. There were lots of rumors of possible restocks, all of which ended up being just that; rumors. The major Jordan Brand retailers stuck to the previously scheduled program of releases that we detailed throughout the week. Still, it was a hearty group of releases, with great drops by Reebok (the Solebox x Reebok Classic Leather Luxe “Sturnella Militaris” and The Answer 1 Retro “Black/Gold” come to mind), Nike (2 Lebrons – the X Elite “Sport Turquoise” aka “Dade County” and X Low “Sprite” – and a dope Kobe release in the form of the “Venice Beach” Kobe System 8), and Jordan Brand, with the release of the Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe” and several restocked Retros, spread out among the main Jordan Brand retailers. While there were a lot of dope releases, there can only be 5 for this list. Without further ado, I bring you the Top 5 Sneaker Releases of the Week…

5. Reebok The Answer 1 Retro “Black/Gold”

Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

Coming in at Number 5, we have the Reebok The Answer 1 Retro “Black/Gold”. Reebok’s only representative on the countdown, this signature AI sneaker will be releasing at select Reebok accounts this Friday, May 24th. Featuring the original “Black/Gold” colorway that the shoe debuted in, The Answer 1 has grown in popularity over the last few years, due to a 2007 re-release reminding people what they loved about the shoe, and some key celebrity spottings (Schoolboy Q, I see you!). For more on this release, see here.

Available at Champs Sports and select Reebok Retailers on May 24th

4. Nike Air Force Max 2013 “Fire Red”

Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

At the Number 4 spot sits the Nike Air Force Max 2013 “Fire Red”. As an ’80s baby, these shoes hold a special place in my heart, being that I was a huge Fab 5 fan. When I think of the Fab 5, the first thing I think of is the bright yellow jerseys and baggy shorts they wore, followed by those short black Nike socks (which were unheard of at the time), topped off with the all-black Nike Air Force Max; that was the uniform of those guys, from C Webb, all the way to Ray Jackson. This new “Fire Red” iteration captures that Fab 5 swagger to a T, which is why it had to make the list. A dope pick-up which will probably get lost in the mess of all the restocks, don’t sleep on these! Check this article out for more info on this Memorial Day Weekend sleeper.

Available Now at Sneaker Bistro via Phone Order or Email (click here for details), at select Nike retailers on May 25th

3. Nike Air Trainer Max ’91 “Bo Knows”

Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

Leading off the Top 3, we have the Nike Air Trainer Max ’91 “Wolf Grey/White-Black” aka “Bo Knows”. This classic Nike crtoss-trainer, originally made for dual-sport superstar Bo Jackson, gets redone in a “Raiders” colorway, the team Bo Jackson played for during his brief NFL career. Featuring the Raiders logo on the left heel (which is possible thanks to the NFL’s apparel deal with Nike kicking in last year) and Bo Jackson’s jersey number, #34, on the right heel, the shoe also pays tribute to Jackson by featuring his infamous slogan, “Bo Knows”, on the shoe’s signature strap. Wanna find out more about this dope release? Click here.

Available at Concepts on May 25th

2. Air Jordan III (3)”88″

Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

At Number 2, we’ve got a re-release, this one being the Air Jordan III (3) “88”. Being restocked at a few of the major Jordan Brand retailers, you should have a decent shot of getting these, so long as you have your information straight and are on your P’s and Q’s at release time. I didn’t want to put a re-release in the list, but with all the big Retro Jordans being restocked this weekend, it was only right that I included one on the list, and what a shoe to pick! Commemorating the ’88 Slam Dunk Contest (the first time MJ broke out the Air Jordan III (3)), the shoe was originally released at the exact moment MJ made his Free Throw Line (or “almost” Free Throw Line, if we’re keeping it all-the-way funky) dunk, at 4:51pm EST. Featuring the “Nike Air” logo that many Jordan heads have coveted, due to Jordan Brand switching to the Jumpman logo after the 2001 “Black Cement” III (3) Retro, the “88” III (3) is an almost-exact copy of the OG Air Jordan III (3) “White Cement”, save for a certain missing detail that shall remain nameless (ok, nevermind: no “Nike” on the outsole???). For all the info you’ll need to get your cop on (no Axel Foley) come Memorial Day Weekend, click here.

1. Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe”


Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Week 5 18 5 25

And now, at the Number 1 spot, we’ve got a shoe last seen in the Air Jordan I (1) “Old Love/New Love” aka “Beginning Moments” pack, which released in 2007, the Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe”. While this iteration features the same colorway that the “Old Love” half of the “Beginning Moments” pack did, there’s one big difference; this version features the “OG” treatment, last seen on the Air Jordan I (1) “Celtics”, meaning “Nike Air” branding on both the shoe and the packaging, bringing it as close to the original version as possible. While this has been a sore issue for some, I couldn’t be happier that Jordan Brand decided to bring back the “Nike Air”. What’s funny to me is before 2013, one of the main gripes people had with Jordan Brand was the fact that they went with the Jumpman logo over the “Nike Air” branding, yet when news broke of them bringing back the beloved “Nike Air” on some of the releases this year, many folks nearly had heart attacks right then and there! All it showed me is that people will always complain, no matter what. It’s the way of the world, unfortunately. I just wish people could appreciate things once in a while instead of always wanting what they don’t have. But alas, that’s a topic for a whole different article, one that I don’t feel like writing right now.

Available online at Nike.com, Foot Locker, Eastbay.com, Foot Action, and Champs Sports at 8am EST on May 25th, as well as select JB retailers in-store, also on May 25th.

(By the way, if you wanted more info on this “Black Toe” OG I (1) release, click here).

So, do you agree with this week’s countdown? Got a bone to pick with one of my choices? Hate all of these kicks? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, be safe and be smart out there this Memorial Day Weekend! Peace.

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