Todd Bratrud x Nike SB Dunk High

Todd Bratrud and Nike SB have teamed up once again to present an upcoming Nike SB Dunk High. For those who think the name sounds familiar, Todd Bratrud designed the “Send Help” Dunk High as well numerous graphics of skate decks and apparel over the past decade. Bratrud implements his signature designs and color combination. Release is scheduled for later this month at select Nike SB accounts, however it is now available early at Arktz.

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  1. fuck da haters! im deff coppin these shits!! i dont give a fuck!!! oo love dem just as soon as i seen dem on this site!

  2. Yea yall trippin. Since the ferris bullers, nike sb has been heading back to the pink box days. Im pretty excited to see wats next. Non complex colorways and concepts but they're great. Like them or not nike sb is back to basics and its great!!!

  3. Fresh

    Wit the right jeans n shirt

    shiiiii you be fitted fresh mah neee

    BTW for all you lazy lames

    15,225 yen is about $145 so its

    a little pocket change

  4. How can the same guy who made send helps make these craps. I'm sorry this has to be the worst SB ever. No amount of hype or outfit can fix this mess called the Todd Bratrud Sb's.

  5. yall say this now, but these look likt=e they may actually be pretty tight up close and in person. stop knockin the shoe, when is not even that bad. Ima wait to see em, but at first glance they looked like a pretty cool color combination

  6. Wowww..this is a love it or hate it sneaker.

    I mean there madddd different..thats the dope thing

    But Im not sure if brown is the right color to but on

    these. Maybe if it was lime green or gold instead of


  7. dope if you kno how to freak sneaks den nothin can or ever will be ugly to youh. deff A cop

  8. not worth the money…

    looks like someone had left their boots on the highway and a truck run over it…

  9. yeah im not feeling them, i expected something better from Todd, :/ like a send help 2 or something