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Timberland “Garden of Eden” Customs by John Born


timberland-garden-of-eden-customs-by-john-bornWhether you’re of the Christian faith or not, you’re probably very familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, and the notorious introduction of Sin. Harrisburg-native, John Born, artistically takes us back to the setting of where this beautiful disaster occurred, in the form of a new custom Timberland project.

The Timberland “Garden of Eden” customs by John Born feature an intricate, mosaic-style artwork of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. A bearded Adam can be seen on the front of the right boot, while Eve makes her appearance on the left. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil reaches along the tongues, sinister in it’s aesthetic appeal, offering a perfectly tempting red apple. The pending downfall of Adam and Eve is apparent with the slithering serpent stretching along the top of the left boot, while floral arrangements cover the rest of the boots.

These are a true work of art! Every stroke of paint is impressively placed, and the results are magnificent. We’ve seen previous custom Timbs from John Born, but these take the cake. Enjoy the extra photos down below, and if you’re looking to stand out among the crowd with a real work of art that you can wear, contact John Born, he’s the only one to get the job done!

timberland-garden-of-eden-customs-by-john-born timberland-garden-of-eden-customs-by-john-born

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