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Tiger Woods Inks New Nike Endorsement Deal

Unsurprisingly, Tiger has finally inked a new endorsement deal with Nike. One of his better endorsement deals, it is certain that Tiger will suit up in and continue to play with Nike products for a really long time.

Still amidst his current contract which is set to expire at the end of this year, Tiger can write this deal off as his fourth contract with Nike. No monetary details have been reported pertaining to the deal, however with past 5-year contracts reaching the $100 million mark it’s not too hard to believe that he’ll see a similar figure, if not more next year.

Here’s what some had to say about the deal:

“We’re comfortable with where we ended up and the career trajectory that Tiger will be on with Nike.” “I’m thrilled we were able to complete this deal.” – Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Tiger.” “He is one of Nike’s most iconic athletes and has played an integral part in Nike Golf’s growth since the very beginning. We look forward to sharing many more of the exciting awe-inspiring sport moments that Tiger is known to create in golf. At the same time, we will continue to utilize his insights to develop the most innovative products that support golfers reaching their full potential.” – Cindy Davis, President of Nike Golf

As a .gif of Tiger Woods doing the money dance would be everything and more, we say congratulations to one of greatest golfers to every play the game.

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