With the Charcoal Air Jordan 7 release upon us, we had to throw it back with Bugs Bunny making his debut with Michael Jordan in this original Air Jordan 7 commercial.

Although Michael Jordan nor Bugs Bunny are wearing the Air Jordan 7 Charcoal, both are seen wearing Jordan VII’s. Bugs with the “Hare” Jordan 7 and Michael Jordan in the “Bordeaux” Jordan 7.

The commercial starts off with Bugs Bunny getting woken up by people playing basketball above him. When he goes to find out what all the racket was, he gets bullied. This is when Bugs laces up his Hare Jordan 7, turning into his alter ego “Hare Jordan” and calls upon Michael Jordan. The dynamic duo show up the bullies in a true Looney Tunes fashion mixed with some stunning slam dunks.

For many this commercial will remind you of your childhood; watching Jordan dominate countless opponents. On the other hand if you were into cartoons in that era, seeing Bugs Bunny and The G.O.A.T. partner up was memorable.

Sit back and enjoy a flashback to 1992 with this commercial.

Throwback: Air Jordan 7 (VII) Hare Jordan Bugs Bunny Original Commercial

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