One of things that hurts the footwear industry and the lifestyle aspect of the sneaker world is fake kicks. Fake kicks are everywhere. They are online, they are at some small local shops and some are on people’s feet. Luckily for some of us, we can tell what’s fake and what is not. And fortunately, we’re able to stay away from them. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the buyers, be it online or local, that cannot tell and buy them without even knowing.

But there are some fake kicks out there that are SO bizarre, it’s unbelievable. The craziest sneakers are ‘released’ online at various outlets that come in a wide variety of wacky colors, weird hybrid fusions, or generally just poor attempts at replicating a shoe from Air Jordans to Nikes. Complex Magazine compiled a list of sneakers that were seen online for sale that are so outrageous that I personally don’t think anyone would fall for or purchase like “Grinch” Hyperfuses, Air Jordan 2011 360s and more. For more images and info, check out Complex’s list of The 20 Craziest Fake Kicks on the Internet.

via Complex