Surprise: NikeStore Drops Massive Air Jordan Restock

Nike Store took to twitter with the follow message “We didn’t forget. The Јоrdаn rеѕtосk іѕ now live” and it looks like most people are wondering where this came from.

As of writing, most sizes are now sold out, but a few pairs are still available in random Men and Kids sizes.

What we saw on the restock was the Air Jordan 11 Gamma and Bred, Air Jordan 1 Royal, Bred and Black Toes, Air Jordan 13 Bred and Squadron Blue, Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue and Steel, Air Jordan 5 Laney, Bel-Air, Fear, Grape, Black Grape and Fire Red, Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 and Fear, Air Jordan 4 Military Blue and Fear and the Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6.

Hurry up and head over to Nike for a chance to pick up a pair.

Surprise: NikeStore Drops Massive Air Jordan Restock


  1. It’ll be another fail. Web site will freeze up because of everyone trying to get them. Just like last time they tyred.

  2. Fuck the restock have most the others whatever… I’m done trying so if my brother at footlocker don’t have them whatever I’ll live

  3. Thwy dont realize how much money thwy would make if they keep them coming every week. They should sell a certain style for a whole month so everyone can get them.

  4. Fuck Nike. I am dead ass about to stop buying their shit. I waited for the restock when IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. and then they do some bullshit like this. suck my dick.

  5. Nike trying to slaughter all the secondary market. I buy what I like. I enjoy seeing the value go up. For people such as I it ruins the fun.

  6. If nike wants to slaughter the secondary market they need to make more than one run of these jordans. Like sell them for a couple months.

  7. I’m an O.G. When it comes to Jordans. Back in 1988 when Nike released the 3’s Foot locker got another shipment a week later on Thursdays. Nike think how much profit you could make by returning to those days of restocking a week later, not just random restocks.

  8. reseller is going down bout time NIKE step it up for those that wear there kicks and not sell them #iwearmykicks

  9. I mean I have a few pair of shoes that I never wear but they are not for reselling. That crap needs to stop asap.

  10. As soon as it happened I logged on to bike and the Gamma 11 were already soldnl out as if they were never there from the start.

  11. Bots won again. I’m buying one I’m tired of this shit. I was on point and no way a human could’ve clicked as fast as me and I still missed out. I’m buying a bot. If you can’t beat em

  12. Not false it happen yesterday right after the snakeskin 11 lows was restock. I cop two pairs of the powder blue 10s. Oh and I don’t use bot


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