Supra Vaider - Yellow

Supra is emerging as an great alternate to skateboarding brands and also offers some very appealing models like the Vaider. The Vaider is a high top sneaker that resembles their other signature model, the Muska Skytop.

Featured, is a bright yellow that appears in two shades over perforated and patent leather. A very simple silhouette that has caused some Nike SB enthusiasts to make the switch. Look for these to be released soon at Supra retailers. Via Sneaker Freaker.

Supra Vaider - Yellow
Supra Vaider – Yellow


  1. One of the few dope Supras.

  2. these r fire but not feeling the color these look alot like dunks

  3. roadkillkitty says:

    Who wants to wear an all yellow shoe….


  4. Y'all do know these dropped like a month ago, right?

  5. i stay fresh says:

    these arent that hot, i cant get into all yellow….what up wit those purple vaiders tho

  6. KANYE WEST JR says:

    yea i agree with o stay fresh wat up with da purple vaiders they need 1 come out in orlando florida realtalk

  7. says:

    The official back 2 school shoe for hypebeast posers that can't really skate.

  8. alife collab? or rip off?

  9. braap brap 2 supra! dese is fliiii besides who wants 2 wer blak durin da summa?!

  10. when are these coming to the UK?!?!!

  11. i gottem, i can skate, so all that other shit is nonsense,

    they are nice, if u dont like em, DONT BUY EM! plain and simple.

    these are the sSHIT!!

  12. yO i CaN dIgG tHesE oN mY fEEt

  13. I got me a pair and they are sick! I love them, but other people can't understand their amazingness

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