When the first pairs of the Supra Terry Kennedy Society released, many sneakerheads gravitated to them and were very pleased with the new silhouette from the up-and-coming Supra brand. And it seems as though the brand methodically chose to end the 2009 run of the TK Society with a very loud gold/silver pair sure to turn heads. But don’t think that the silhouette won’t be seen again. In fact, you can COUNT on more to come. The Supra TK Society pictured here comes in a very flashy colorway, with an azure blue cracked leather upper, black shoe laces, and a lime green sole. What are your thoughts on this color execution scheduled to release in Spring of next year? Check out more pictures of it after the jump.


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  1. The only thing good about these is the colorway. Why would I wear a shoe that goes half way up my shin. Like some hooker heels for men.

  2. supra, ur horrible… really?

    this shoe is horrible, just the design of the shoe sucks so u makin tight color ways doesnt polish a turd cuz.