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Release Reminder: Supra TK Society Gold/Silver

While release reminders customarily come out the day prior to a release, the exclusivity and possibly(/probably) more difficult time you might experience getting your hands on these might call for an earlier “heads up.” We have reported that certain Supra retailers such as Politics, where you can invoke the SneakerFiles name to get free shipping on this item, will have the gold/silver pair of the Supra TK Society on sale starting this Saturday December 12, 2009, it also is the official Supra release date of this shoe. That means that there will be a (surely limited) number of pairs of this gold/silver Supra TK Society for sale at the Factory413 store (in Los Angeles) and its respective website starting at noon on that Saturday. Good luck to all those trying to get their hands on at least one pair!

Via Factory413.

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