Supra Muska Skytop Fall 08 Preview

Supra has been giving sneaker-heads a great alternative to major brands, now they have lined up four more of one of their most popular models, the Muska Skytop. Four new color-ways have been presented for the Fall ’08 line-up including, patent leather Red, patent leather Black and Red, diamond studded Black, and White and Red.

Supra has definitely been doing their thing and have offered a great amount of variety and style with the Muska Skytop line. Expect these to be released at Supra retailers soon. Via Marcus Troy.

Supra Muska Skytop Fall 08 Preview
Supra Muska Skytop Fall 08 Preview
Supra Muska Skytop Fall 08 Preview

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  1. Definitely some fresh kicks, for real. I dont know why mofos sleep on Supras and give them bad ratings. JB getting my money this year, but otherwise yeah, those Skytops would be gettin me. Man, they are ridiculous!

  2. every colorway here is fire. need to keep an eye on these ones. JB isn't gettin any of my money this year, just to see everyone else wearin it. gotta pick up what everyone is sleepin on…

  3. Theese sneakers are bananas yo…….if you dont gotta pair, your are slippin on a major note! Don't be an american cock face and not go cop a pair of theese senakers.

  4. AHhh Yooo im dyinnnn ta get a pair of Supra SkyTops mmmm love em damnnn… Its horrible tho they only come out in mens sizes damnnnnn

  5. maine ive ben wit jb for a while now but wit all this bs from jb i think im switchin to skytop supras man nd ders a store rigth down da street from me dat i neva herd of dat sells em copped (kamakazi)

  6. i just got the red and white ones last week, i have 6 pair of supras, the all whites, all black suede, comakazis, gold,and the ones with the floral print, these are gonna be the only sneakers i buy i swear, i want every pair they have, because they are all different, i get sick of seeing jordans and AF1s, and i live on the east coast, not a lot of people know what these are which is all the more reason i love them, i wanna get the two camo pair and the teal, white and silver joints, and i will be getting these when they come out fa sho!

  7. A-WILL, don't blame Supras for the recent fallout in your interracial gay marriage. It's not the shoes fault your husband cheated on you with your ex-roomate who only has one eye, Bubbles.