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SoFlyInMy98 – eBay Seller Spotlight!


At this time of the season, Sneaker Files is often questioned by our readers as to where to safely purchase authentic Nike Dunks and Air Jordans. We created an authentic sneaker search engine, which strictly searches sneaker selling websites with a solid reputation.

This Holiday season we will be profiling a different seller every day until Christmas. We hope to help with your Holiday shopping and we feel your pain when you buy a fake pair of shoes.

Today we focus on eBay seller ‘SoFlyInMy98.’ Weighing in with a 2,300+ feedback rating, this seller packs vintage heat to new releases. He covers all sizes from Women’s, Kids, Baby, and Men’s. At the moment, he has two pairs of OG Reebok Pumps listed, both of which I have my eye on!

Peep SoFlyInMy98 auctions by clicking here!

Are you a reputable seller? If you think that you have what it takes to make it to our ‘Seller Spotlight’, send us an email by clicking here!

Brian Betschart
Founder and Editor of SF, Brian is considered an expert when it comes to sneakers. Collecting since he was in elementary school, his collection has grown to over 500 pairs and counting. Brian has published articles since 2004, and in 2006, he decided to create Sneaker Files.

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