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Air Jordan 4 ‘Patina’ Custom

Chef Gourmet Kickz has cooked up another custom, this time around he grabs the Air Jordan 4 and gives them a copper look and...

Nike “Net KDeezy 4” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

The entire set of Air Yeezy shoes have been the source of a slew of custom sneakers, but leave it to Chef Gourmet to...

Nike Air Foamposite “Net Yeezyposite” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

Can you believe that it's been five years since we saw the first pair Air Yeezy's? To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the shoes,...

Nike Air Foamposite “Carmine” Concept Customs by Gourmet Kickz

This past weekend, the Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" Retros hit stores, and we're pretty sure every major sneakerheads' Memorial Day outfits, will be based...

Air Jordan 7 “First Class In Flight Meal” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

Remember those AJ7 "Olympic" shoes that hit stores nearly two years ago? Yeah, say tah-tah to those, and cheer on these new "First Class...

Nike KD 5 “Big Bang Alike Remix” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

If you're a fan of custom footwear, then we're pretty sure you've heard of Gourmet Kickz. The man's been killing the sneaker customizing game...

Nike KD V (5) “Kandy Kush” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

When Gourmet Kickz made the custom Foams donning his Easter 4/20 print, he had other customers hop on the trend! As a follow up...

Nike Air Foamposite “Kandy Kush” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

Ganja lovers unite! With the recent stoner-celebrated holiday 4/20 just passing, and the steady progression of marijuana related legislation occurring around the U.S., stoners...

Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Nola Gumbo Glow” Customs by Gourmet Kickz

While the "Maestro" Kobe 9 Elite released with a nice touch of glow in the dark treatment, it obviously wasn't enough for Gourmet Kickz....

Nike Air Foamposite “Hattori Hanzo” Custom by Gourmet Kickz

Last time we saw a "Kill Bill" themed pair of kicks from Gourmet Kickz, he just about shut down the custom game, everyone loved...

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