Gourmet Kickz x 1800 Tequila

The H-Town Sneaker Summit was held today for their 4th annual Summer Event. What’s special about this year is that a special 1800 Tequila Select Silver VIP will debut the Gourtmet Kickz x 1800 Tequilla Essential Collaboration using the Nike Air Force 1.

1800 Tequila initialized their Essential Artists Collaboration, a series of sneakers and bottles that are to be designed by some of the world’s top artists. Designer Gourmet Kickz personalized his own custom Air Force 1’s to match each bottle. The collaboration will yield 36 unique designs, 9 can be seen above.

Gourmet Kickz x 1800 Tequila
Gourmet Kickz x 1800 Tequila


  1. Yo peep Sneakhype.com its got all the freshest kicks, im from Kansas i cant anywhere to get em except through Through there


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