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Vivienne Westwood Asics Tiger Release Date Info

Vivienne Westwood Releasing Asics Tiger Collection

Vivienne Westwood is connecting with Asics for a brand new collaboration which will consists of three classic trainers. This collection will include the Asics Gel...
Vivienne Westwood Asics Gel Saga Release Date

Vivienne Westwood x Asics Gel Saga Coming Soon

Vivienne Westwood is teaming up with Asics Tiger to release a unique Gel Saga collaboration which is inspired by Renaissance art. Sticking out is the...
Asics Gel Saga Floral Print Release Date

Asics Gel Saga with Floral Print Starting to Release

Perfect for the warmer months, Asics has now started to release a new Gel Saga which will debut in women’s sizing and feature floral...
Yu Nagaba Asics Gel Saga Release Date

Yu Nagaba x Asics Gel Saga Collection

Japanese artist You Nagaba is teaming up with Asics Tiger to release his very own Gel Saga and matching apparel. This Asics Gel Saga is...
Asics Gel Saga Illusion Blue Release Date

Asics Gel Saga ‘Illusion Blue’ Available Now

The Asics Gel Saga is arriving at retailers in a brand new color combination which could have been an original color scheme from 1990. Looking...
Asics Gel Saga Royal Blue Nude Silver

Asics Gel Saga Available in Royal and Nude

Asics Tiger has a new colorway of the Gel Saga arriving at retailers. For the latest drop, it comes dressed in a White, Royal...
Asics Gel Saga Black Orchid

Asics Gel Saga ‘Black Orchid’

Asics is bringing out additional color options of the classic Gel Saga. First stepped on the scene in 1991, the latest Asics Gel...
Footpatrol Asics Gel-Saga Gundam

Footpatrol x Asics Gel-Saga ‘Gundam’ Release Details

Footpatrol, a European retailer is connecting with Asics for a special release using the Gel-Saga. This Asics Gel Saga pays tribute to the Japanese anime...
Asics Gel Easter Pack

Asics Gel ‘Easter’ Pack

Asics is getting into the Holiday spirit of Easter with a two pair pack. Those models included are the Asics Gel Saga and...
Scratch Sniff Asics Gel Pack

Asics Gel ‘Scratch and Sniff’ Pack Now Available

During the 70s, 80s and 90s scratch and sniff stickers were very popular which draws inspiration for Asics latest pack. Three models will...

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