We’re back with another SneakerHead Spotlight. This week we feature none other than JStar25.

Residing in Chicago, JStar25 YouTube channel shares his latest pickups, discusses topics that circulate the sneaker community, and talks basketball.

We asked JStar25 some questions like what’s his favorite sneaker, what pairs has sentimental value to him and a few more.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to JStar25 on YouTube.

SneakerHead Spotlight: JStar25


  1. out of out the sneakerhead spots, i think i liked these the most! Jstars is very humble and he picked nice kicks that arent so hyped! and his pick for the sentimental category was awesome! subscribing now

  2. all i gotta say is.. WOW.. best video here period humble guy that treasures the meaning and memories of his shoes..

  3. I like how this guy said he felt like he had some Picasso’s on his feet. That’s exactly the way I feel when I rock a pair of any clean shoes I own.


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