Sneaker Wallpapers Set 2007

Our friends over at Format have just released their 2007 Sneaker wallpapers, which are very nice. Their is a total of five different wallpapers and sneakers: Jordan IV Thunder, Jordan Spizike Black,Green,Red, Reebok Alife Ball Out, Air Max 1 Clot Kiss of Death and Nike Dunk SB Pigeon. Stop by and download one for your computer. Via Format.


  1. Harris, you are a high-classed citizen, probably going to heaven just for having the orange-felt reebok court force victory pumps. I'm serious, I love you.

  2. i am a big sneaker feen but most of the hot kicks that come out dont come in my size i am 20 yrs old with a kids size foot which is a size 2y but the main sneakers ive been searching for are the white and red jordan 12's and i cant find them anywhere if u know a site that sell them or any store that would allow me to order them can you pppllleeeaaasssee help me out


    sneaker fan


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