Sneaker Shop Shout-OutOne of the Bay Area’s leading independent online sneaker shops will soon be celebrating their grand opening of a physical retail store!

What started off as a side project for a few lucky local (if you’re from the Bay Area) Sneakerheads nearly 3 years ago has quickly become a staple for those of us who still yearn for that missing piece(s) to our ever growing collections. Creating a blog and advertising on Craigslist… that’s how every business get started right? Well, not really… but for Sole Supremacy it has become a reality. Retaining their blog and posting updates daily as well as opening up an eBay store was only the beginning…

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Sneaker Shop Shout-Out

The guys over Sole Supremacy carry those hard to find gems that we search for far and wide, everything from Nike to Jordan & Nike SB. OGs, Retro’s, DS, VNDS & used; you name it, they’ve got it. Buy, Sell & Trade… there are even consignment options available so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of flakers and deadbeat bidders. Let’s not forget the most important thing (besides the shoes), their premium customer service. Personally, I’ve been a fan since the Craigslist days… and things have only gotten better. 100% authentic kicks, great prices and limitless ways to go about obtaining that one pair you’ve had your eye on. They even ship to those who reside throughout the US. This is how a good sneaker spot becomes a great one.

Sneaker Shop Shout-Out

For those of you interested, the new Store will open up across from the NewPark Mall in Newark, CA. We will be updating you on the opening of the shop as soon as it happens. Make sure to visit daily for updates on inventory and new items.

Sneaker Shop Shout-Out
Sneaker Shop Shout-OutSneaker Shop Shout-OutSneaker Shop Shout-OutSneaker Shop Shout-OutSneaker Shop Shout-OutSneaker Shop Shout-Out

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  1. Yo check them out! They are seriously one of the most respectable dudes in the game!! BTW, more than half those shoes posted here are mine, lol!

    Congrats Solesupremacy!

  2. rolled through on sat, the shop is looking amazing. if you have time take a look at the store, its worth the time