The Sneaker Addicts DVD has not been discussed very much since its teaser was first reported last November, however they were at Soho’s latest sneaker store, Global NYC. In the video above, Global NYC’s inventory is discussed by Ishmail and Sunny who talk about the store’s wide variety of sneaker brands including high fashion brands from Europe including Gucci and Prada to their more affordable styles of Nikes and Air Jordans. Furthermore, Global NYC isn’t just a sneaker store, they do also offer a few other brands that might not be found in your local store including Gold Coin and some European clothing brands. Be sure to check out Global NYC if you are in the Soho area.

Global NYC
129 Grand St.
New York, New York 10013
(212) 625-0200

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  1. i went there they had some fake ass 4s all black with yellow n white and not pe they were only selling them for like 200