Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening

Our good friends Shiekh Shoes had a Grand Opening for another location, this time in Huntington Park California. With the grand opening, a lot of people showed up to get some crispy sneakers.

Special appearances by 101.9 La Nueva Radio Station and Radio Jockey Rocio Sandoval. When Shiekh Shoes opened their doors CDs and T-Shirts where given away. If your in the Huntington Park area, stop by you will definitely enjoy.

Shiekh Shoes
6805 Pacific BLVD.,
Huntington Park, CA. 90225

Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening
Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening
Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening
Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening
Shiekh Shoes Huntington Park Grand Opening


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