Around a year ago a Shaquille O’neal Air Jordan IX (9) Player Exclusive sneaker sold on eBay. It was a single sneaker which fetched thousands. Good friend Dependable Jay sent over pics of his Jordan IX PE collection, which includes a White/Purple Shaq pair among many others which have never seen a camera’s lens! Of course, all DEADSTOCK!

Read more for additional photos!



  1. SHAQ has his own company so he'd never wear these on the court. Back then it was D.U.N.K. and he was Founder/CEO. However he still has loose ties with Reebok (1st contract sneaker) so to ride with Nike/Jordan would be a real smack in the face.

    Either way those 9s are hot with the blk sole. nice PE

  2. Even though I'm not a big fan of the IX's, this is one of the best colorways, especially like how tiny Kobe's sneaks look next to Shaq's

  3. Sick colorway!!! Shaq is my favourite player and I really regret that he didn't wore these… Once again – sick colorway!

  4. to DC DunKing

    actually the Shaq shoes u find at wal-mart are made by Starter and are currently own by Nike.

  5. this is the sickest pair of xi's ive everrr seen!!!! that patent leather is killen em…thats y i love the patent leather 11's :)!!!!!!!

  6. @ Newbie 23

    U must be a newbie Jordan fan because the title cleary says IX that is not the Jordan 5s posted on the page. EAT A SNEAKER LOSER!!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA— these cats up top calling these 5s and 11s … get your research up hahahaha. THEY ARE IX (nines)


  8. this is an insult to the Sneakerheads…some one calling these 5's and 11's??wow.learn the shoes before you start talking

  9. Clark Kent has been talking about these shoes for two years now!! I never thought they would see the light of day! This shoe was done for Shaq around the time Nike was courting Kobe (III's, VII's, VIII's) Kobe kept getting shoes and so Shaq was like "Where's mine? I want some IX's." It just mad sense to do a tandem pair!!!

    Shaq never got this pair for one reason or another. Shaq wears a 22+ so they had to be customed. On top of that, Shaq's shoe company was Exeter. At the time it was owned by Nike. He's now with Li-Ning.

  10. these are samples made by Nike back in the day but you the whole reebok issue with shaq meant he couldn't rock em so these belonged to some nike employee looking for some cash.

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