Saucony Bermuda Pack

Not all of us have the luxury of taking a trip to the Bermuda, but Saucony will bring the triangle to you. For those that don’t know, there is actually a Bermuda Day, and Saucony will celebrate with a new pack consists of two pairs.

The Bermuda Saucony Pack features the Shadow 6000 and the DXN Trainer. Using shades of blue like turquoise through the uppers which represents the waves seen while visiting the island. The Shadow 6000 uses purple and black that sets it apart from the DXN Trainer.

Both the Shadow 6000 and DXN Trainer Saucony Bermuda Pack will release at select retailers on May 15th 2015.

Saucony Shadow 6000 Bermuda

Saucony DXN Trainer Bermuda

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