Maybe you like to stay fresh in the latest pair of sneakers, but what about those whom you are closest with? Is your Brother, friend or co-worker the furthest thing from a Sneakerhead that you know of?

If you answered yes, you may want to check out the ReSneakerize program that is going on right now. Finish Line has offered, for the month of January, to give away a FREE pair of kicks in return for only one thing… a video of the person you have just “Sneaked-up”.

The name of the program is “Sneak-Up” on YouTube. A user nominates a friend that has terrible sneakers or none at all, and Finish Line sends them the sneakers of their dreams in exchange for a video of the person being surprised by the sneakers in some way. The micro site is and there are a few examples to give people ideas on how to “Sneak-up” on someone. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. ANYONE that contacts @ReSneakerize or emails them through the micro site will receive a pair sent to them in exchange for a short “Sneak-up” video.

If you are interested in participating; click HERE for more information.