Reseller Banned Air Jordan 1

The name Allen Kuo may not ring a bell, but you probably have seen his face. He is the guy who had over 100 pairs of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost before they released. He is back once again, this time showing that his connections extend past adidas Originals.

This time around, he has a large haul of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’. While Jordan Brand has yet to confirm (probably won’t) how limited the release is, we have heard some stories. While some do believe they are a general release, they aren’t. Although many retailers will have them, it’s the amount of pairs in-stock that matters, which is much lower than previous releases.

On top of that, you have people that buy up multiple pairs to resell, some want one to rock and one to stock, you have bots and the people that just want them for the hype. So all-in-all, this won’t be an easy release to get (unless you have a plug of course).

Resellers use to frustrate us, but it has become the way the game is. Let us know what you think of resellers and even Allen Kuo’s latest haul in the comments section.

Reseller Banned Air Jordan 1

Source: Allen Kuo

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