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  1. man i got these two weeks ago and their fresh as hell shout out to my boys at foot locker for hooking me up with them early

  2. I received order comfirmation from niketsore does that mean my order is secure and i got em?

  3. To 813SNOOGY: I ordered the same way from NikeStore last night and also received an order confirmation. Check your order number with the site. If the order says, “In progress” you should be set. If it says anything like “canceled” or “void” then it wasn’t to be. Also, call NikeStore at their number on the site and ask. Also, have your order number ready when you do. In any event though I think we both are good. As for me, I am so happy I got this shoe. I finally am getting the color scheme of this shoe I always wanted since I graduated from high school. It’s a good feeling. I am out!

  4. in my southern town these sold out everywhere within an hour, sold out quicker than the 09′ space jam release.tryed to get them at online retail sites also sold out so i had to get them through a online re-seller for 224.99 shipped sadly.hope jb does a online restock on these like they have been doing for the past few retro releases so i can cop another pair at retail price.