Early on this month we were able to confirm Jordan Brand’s plans to release the Air Jordan XI Silver Anniversary, to the incredible joy of sneakerheads worldwide. Now we take it upon us to remind all of our readers that the day is upon us. Tomorrow, May 1st, the white/metallic silver Air Jordan XI Silver Anniversary will be hitting select Jordan Brand retailers’ shelves at a MSRP of $150. With the price tag not being as high as some might have expected and how limited the sneaker will be still unclear, tomorrow could very well be the most hectic Jordan Brand release yet of 2010. Remember that many online retailers will make them available for purchase as early as midnight. Happy hunting!
Click to Purchase at Finishline.com
Click to Purchase at Nike.com
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  1. ^

    im not sure but i think these might be a(gr)

    i dont really care tho im getting a pair. jumpman sign or not these are still fire! haven't rocked white sneaks in a while but these i will. If peeps are not gonna rock these dont be surprised when the patent leather and sole turn banana yellow.

  2. They're NICE… no Jumpman, no problem… It's a SILVER ANNIVERSARY version… I get that already.. let the controversy begin! 🙂

  3. Yeah finish line was down, buts it fine. Actually is wasn't all that bad. No lag or delays. I bought mine from eastbay with no tax or shipping charges. Ahh, now I can go to sleep in peace.

  4. This shoe is the worse 11 i have ever seen. They look fake up close. They dont even have a jump man on it. Horrible

  5. I am rocking mines tomorrow had mines a week already. I want to take this time to thanks Finishline for keeping me up on my shoe game. Monday Im rocking the Retro 2 blk/red QF 3 before the Release date. Money Talk

  6. wrong again bro i am way up on jordan acailability and there are only four stores in the state of virginia sellling them and footlocker isnt one of them

  7. i got mine from finishline and had to drive over an hour to get them because my store wasnt getting them

  8. LOL i swear peps hating.. talking about no jumpman no buy, your jeans going bleed on them, they're going turn yellow, and etc. First of all i only wear jeans so the jumpman want be seen if there was one there. Secondly, if you are in the sneaker game you should kow what type of jeans to wear with white shoes. Thirdly if you respect your shoes & dont try to wear them everyday and clean after you do wear them then they can and will have a very long usable life plus they only $150 for some 11s now!! A deal you cant beat…."GET OFF THAT TIGER WOODS B.S and stop lying to yourself…you know likem white"

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