Releasing at Midnight: Space Jam Air Jordan XI (11)

SneakerFiles would like to remind everyone that that’s it. The wait is over. They’re here. After all of the rumors and all of the hype and all of the release date changes, the Air Jordan XI “Space Jams” in the unforgettable black/varsity royal-white colorway are less than 24 hours from an official release. That’s right, this iconic pair of Air Jordan XIs officially releases tomorrow, December 23, 2009 from participating Jordan Brand retailers and is just in time for Christmas shopping- leaving a day in between for wrapping. If you haven’t already made the proper arrangements to ensure that you get your hands on at least one pair of these, you might want to get moving on it. Lines will surely be around the corner/block of several big (and small) name sneaker stores across the nation starting early. Furthermore, online sales have been known to go live as early as one hour before midnight, so make sure all of your internet tools are up to par if you’re electing the electronic purchase route. Remember, these will cost you $175 retail in adult sizes, and many stores will choose to limit how many pairs each person making a purchase can leave with. We encourage you to leave us comments here as you and your friends (and competition) begin to make the final preparations and head out to what is hopefully a successful sneaker hunt for all. Be safe, and stay warm. Many sites listed below will have the Space Jam XI for sale at midnight. Let’s see if their servers crash!
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Releasing at Midnight: Space Jam Air Jordan XI (11)
Releasing at Midnight: Space Jam Air Jordan XI (11)

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  1. will be out getting these around 6 in the morning. Already got mine saved by a friend who works at finishline. So me and like 4 friends are jus gonna roll up to the back give him the money and throw him like 10 and thats it. So I am feeling pretty good. and if that falls through I can always buy online. peace

  2. Sucks for you guys,

    This guy already got his so no camping out waiting in line and dealing with some ignorant pricks!

  3. i got an inside link as well at Nike store. Not only will get em without having to wait in line, will get the employee discount as well. Fly like an Eagle boys… Fly like an Eagle…

  4. Been having my pair since Saturday,

    So know camping out waiting in line for 6+ hours and dealing with ignorant pricks for them…

    Good luck to the people waiting in line, be safe!

  5. Sorry to tell guys the news, but yesterday I received mine from! Even though I paid $240, I don't have to line up in the cold weather and waste my time if in case they don't have my size. Early Christmas present for me, son!!


  7. had mine for over a week already……love em. i dont think theyre that limited, so everyone should be able to cop

  8. i copped a pair from rmkstore back in november cuz i wasent sure yet if finishline was getting these but im gonna cop another pair from finishline tonight

  9. Had mine for over a month. I am glad I don't have to deal with the lines like last year's XI/XII countdown pack madness! Goodluck people

  10. Please people no one wears Jordans anymore. The ladies aren't checking for them and I hope you are rocking them so dudes can jock. Man I've had at least 5 pairs of 11's. When originally came out I had a pair in grade school, then they retroed in High School and I got 3 different colors, then they retroed again for the DMP. We don't rock this mess anymore. The bottom is clear so you pay $175 to have them look fresh for 2 months. Who cares about Space Jams when you're getting clocked over the head for $175.00.

  11. shyt bro i got mines pre order by my cousin he works at footlocker so yeah dont need to wait for dem his gonna bring dem to me and i get imployeess discount onli payin 1 bill for it

  12. niketown in BERLIN is already sellin them :)

    but i ordered mine online…they will look good with my low XI snakes, my cool greys, my bred und my NIB concords :)

  13. These are fire. I've already copped these months ago and I couldn't be happier. Sure, I've had to spend a few more bucks getting them early, but it was worth it. But you guys should be able to get them for a good deal nowadays. So far this is what I have, holla at me and let me know what you think.

    1. V – Raging Bulls

    2. VI – Carmine

    3. VII – Hares

    4. XI – Spacejams & Breds

    5. XII – Rising Suns

    6. XX3 – UNC

    7. Lebron VII Red Carpet


  14. Lebronbron those 7 hares are sick… classics. everybody is sooo pressed for these space jams to come out… im tired of seein them up here. lol. good luck to those who get these…. i mite jus pass… im not even sure. to those who get them buy 2 pair tho… the bottoms will get yellow eventually.

  15. I am still asking around if these are a General Release or Limited Quickstrike…Will there be enough for everyone?  I hear that ppl can cop a pair tomorrow even in the afternoon, cuz most stores will be overstocked with them, is this true?  I will trip out if I truly see long lines around outside some stores!!!  I want to cop a pair, but I'm not waking up early to get them nor santing in line.If I end up not getting them, I ain't trippin'…

  16. Thanks Rod, I have carefully picked out my collection. Ive sold some of my other Jordans too though, some I regret a little. You guys think that list was impressive, this is my list of my personal Jordans I've sold:

    1. I – Baron Birmingham's in Black

    2. V – 3M

    3. XII – Taxi Cab

    4. XVIII – Black with Royal Blue Carbon Fiber (Last official Jordans MJ wore on the court as a Wizard)

    5. XXI – Red Playoff Edition (My first Jordans :D)

    6. XX3 – Chicago Bulls & Silver/Gold

    7. 6 Rings – Concords

    8. Lebron I – White/Navy Blue & Black/White/Red

    9. Lebron V – Black/Red/Gold

  17. Yea these are hot and the buzz for them is ridiculous! People definitely still wea r jordans and chicks are definitely still checking for them! I'm not getting up early to cop but believe I'll have a pair or 2!!!!!!!!

  18. To "gotjordans?". You have options. One is to camp out, and the other is to buy them online. If I was going to camp, I would just make sure I'm comfortable and bring water/snacks and a chair if possible. I just go at 3 am and chill and read a mag. Most stores will have them, but in limited supply. Im sure Champs, footlocker, and finishline are the safest bets. If I was to buy them online I would use ebay like I have many times before. You just need to follow these rules. First, never buy shoes from a seller with 0 to 5 feedback. Most of time, you will get ripped off. Second, make sure the seller has good feedback score and has sold shoes before. You can see his/hers buyer's feedback. They will tell you if it was legit. And finally, read the entire listing! Shipping details, refunds, payment. You will have to register with ebay and paypal, but its easy. 5 mins and you will be done. I hope I've helped and I will be sure to leave more comments if anyone has any questions. Peace!

  19. had mine since november 17th. will be goin in for pair number 2 tho. not trippin if i dont get the second pair tho. good luck too all, be safe dont get act crazy

  20. I was just on the Eastbay and Foot Locker websites, there are timers for them… "this item will be available in 10 hrs"

    WOW, those sites are gonna crash tonight.

  21. To Lebronbron,Did you find out if these Jams are a General Release or Limited Quickstike?  I am stopping by my local mall during brunch hours?What do you think, do I have a chance to cop a pair?

  22. I hope the malls aren't crazy tomorrow morning, I mean these are just shoes… I hope there's no violence and ppl don't get hurt.

  23. LeBronBron – Those hares are one of my all time favs. Nice Cop! Dont wanna sound like a hater, but I hope this run is a little limited. Cant stand seeing multiple peeps with the same shoe as me. Plus I missed out on Black and Pink Yeezy's and True Blues III. Now i got my inside link, so im getting hooked on these. Try and stop my shine!

  24. General Release. I would probably try to get there at 3 to 4 am. This will surely give you a great chance to get your pair. And if you dont, get another size preferably size 9-13 as you can always sell them and use the money to get your size.

  25. Had mines since saturday….

    Cost of gas for driving out to the mall….$5

    Air Jordan XI Black/Varsity Royal-White aka "Space Jams"…..$175

    Being cool with store managers in the mall u work at so that u can get the space jams 4 days early…….priceless

  26. I've put my collection together slowly for years, and there's a reason why the VII Hares are in my collection. Its the most comfortable. Hands down. Even more than the VI's and XI's.

  27. MikeDope Shut the **** up. You dont know what you are talking about. Jordan Retros are the ****. You just mad because you cant afford jordan shoes!!!!

  28. Picked up a pair of 2000s instead of these. More limited, better quality and the list goes on. Have fun people. be safe, dont kill. I will be resting in my bed! If you dont have 2000s than I feel bad for you, 09's pale in comaprison. But to each there own. Happy Holidays.

  29. Copped 3 already hopping on the net tonight. Might land 4 more and i'm doing the line thing two. So 9 pairs for me. But real sneakerheads know we always get the shoes we want good luck to all.

  30. Jordans? Nah give me SBs. Plus $175 for these? Forget about it they're waaaaaay too plain. For that kind of money they would need to be almost Tiffany status.

  31. I am SOOOO glad I got mine last week. They are so beautiful. I had old ladies breaking their necks. I wore them three times and cleaned them up real nice before the blizzard took over NYC.

    I can’t wait for the springtime so I can break out my Space Jams and my Rising Suns after everyone messed their pairs up over the winter.

    I will be at home sleeping or playing Modern Warfare 2 while dudes are freezing their asses off waiting in line.

    Next up: Black/Black/Gold LBJ VIIs or White/Black AJ VIs….

  32. Wow, dudes are gonna wake up at 4am to get in line for these Jams.

    Well, if they're a General Release, I'll go the mall around 11am. There should be some around, plus there's Eastbay and FootLocker websites… and timers now say 9 hours before they're available.

    I am sleeping in, if I can cop great, if not, they'll be other Js in 2010…!

  33. this website has done more for the hype of these sneakers than nike has ever cared to do.. i wonder if sf is in bed with nike haha.. when was the last time we've see 7+ posts on here about one sneaker? and all that hyperbolic talk.. smh.

    and not to be that dude but they really arent that beautiful, especially on feet

  34. I can't believe all this hype for a just a shoe.

    I just want one pair, hopefully tomorrow during brunch hours.

  35. I agree with th!z,

    could these be on Ebay selling for outrageous prices in a few days? Too much hype man. There suppose to be enough for everyone. But there will always be some ppl buying multiple pairs, and that's greed man.

  36. If I buy two pairs, one in my size and then one in like a 11 or 12 you think I can sell them on eBay for almost 300? In say a month or so?

  37. wat time r yall gettin to ur local store/mall tmrw in the morning? r they gonna have enough 11s for me to wait till 8 or 9 when the stores open? help and feedback greatly appreciated

  38. ben countin down since last ithink a tru jordan head wud camp out n get em instead of not participatin in the movement lol, thats jst my opinion, bt stay up!

  39. Out here in Miami, 6:34 PM, Dadeland has a line already, Champs sold out, and NikeTown is swamped…there is one Foot Locker that no one is out yet…I am just going 2 pay my crack head cousin $50 to post up for me till now and I will meet him in the morning @ 7….they already told me that I can only buy one pair…b.s.

  40. I gotta be honest, I think I'm passing on these if their hard to get. I've never been crazy about the space jams. If I'm able to leisurely order them online and have them sent to me, I might get them, but I don't want them bad enough to camp out and then spend $175.

  41. WeeZy i live in miami to im going to footlocker at dadeland or maybe niketown but it's most likely gonna get packed so idk and their out online already so i might just do the same

  42. none of you probabaly have parents like mine, but my parents tell me how i can spend my money until i graduate and leave for college. Luckily, my parents gave me permission to buy these which i've been waitng for for almost a year now. my dad is driving me down to my local champs tommorow at 4:30 to wait till it opens at 6. if i don't get my hands on these, i will probabaly cry. wish me luck

  43. dont sweat it yall in sf. Niketown will probably sell out but shiehk always has enough pairs till noon. really aint nothing to getting a pair of these retroes

  44. OVERRATED – Everyone will have these by this time tomorrow, honestly how fresh are you going to look when ATLEAST 10 of your buddies are rocking the same exact shoes as you at the same time? Time to hop of Nike's D1(K

  45. Gen. Release @ $175. They look good but overhyped and overpriced. Mass hysteria for a retro. Bring me something fresh and new JB. Than I'll get excited.

  46. These kicks are fire. I am a jordan retailer, most stores are only getting about 2-3 pairs per size. It was a quickstrike release and this shoe was released by jordan just to create hype for their product. Jordan sales have been down this year. Its just to get the customer into the store and once the customer realizes the space jams are sold out, THAN most people will buy a fusion, retro12, 60+ etc. Its just to keep the business going. Good Luck to everyone trying to get a pair!

  47. Ima bout to cop these sexy shoes, quick ques which shoes do you think i should get?

    Jordan Retro 8 Aquas or

    Jordan Retro 5 LS (black / university blue / white)

  48. wow, ahah not the bizness, erones gonna be rockin the same shoe for bout 2 weeks stright ahah….. hope yall lookin like some non-stylin foos ahah

  49. anybody hatin on thse is mad because you don't have the means to get them. I dont care if the sole turn yellow and a million people are rocking them they are still space jams and will always be fresh as fuck. the hate smells fantastic.

  50. ppl are crazy for camping out in the cold for some shoes… it's freezing out there. I guess JB still rules!

  51. Dan, you're such a liar. Eastbay is not selling them yet. There's still 50+ minutes left yet. LIAR!!!

  52. Now 38 minutes… you're not the only one keeping watch. The whole country is, maybe even the world! Why you gotta lie?

    You don't have them yet.

  53. gonna wake up early to get these tomorrow cant wait hope the line wont be too long they usually run out of the sizes 10 and up when i get there and im a 9 so its good

  54. i got these very easily at footlocker's website a few minutes ago. there was some delay due to high traffic but ultimately the deal went through. it shouldnt be too tough for you guys.

  55. Finishline, Footlocker, Eastbay, and Champs websites all crashed and are still down. I was able to get them at though. Pure crazy-ness! I might put these bad boys in a safety deposit box ha-ha.

  56. I got mines off of footlocker at exactly 11:59. Right wen i finished the website crashed lls. Good luck to everybody else tryin tho. Ima go cry myself to sleep

  57. Hey dont forget to check also. You can buy them quiet easily right now but maybe its too late and they will just sell them to U but dont have enough in stocl.

    But its worth a shot

  58. was still totally fine @ 12:01am .. Think bc everyone was at the other sites, all you had to type in was 378037-041 to find it a couple minutes before midnight. Got my confirmation at 12:03am

  59. I got to the "Thank you for your order!" page, and have a confirmation number, but no confirmation e-mail. Is it because the system is on the fritz?! I hope so! Anyone else have that issue?

  60. I was on all three websites that crashed and then I remember use said so I went there my size 13 sold out and 14 so I decide hey why not lets get a size 15 jon and I did and it worked so lets fuckin go ill be waitin fo mines next week and damm my boy was right abt them websites crashin but hey go to nike and I just got my comfirmation so lets goo!!!!!!!

  61. yeah Mama, i got the same problem. I got the order conformation page and the number. hopefully the email is just delayed

  62. shit od crashhhedd… i copped mine at 12:02 got da confirmation page but no email either smh…. gettin me nervous lol

  63. finishline – down. footlcoker-down. got mine thru Champs. took a couple tries tho. not worth the camp out folks!

    and the site said the confirmation emails will be sent out in the next 24 hrs if u purchased online.

  64. same thang here

    Thank you for you order.

    Confirmation number, waiting on this email, better not be no bs

  65. got em off with bing cashback lolol got the fro 248.98 (2pairs) – 15 percent. Now just waiting for a confirmation email. Might still wake up and hit the mall. If my confirm email comes through make some kid happy for christmas and sell it for box price.

  66. got mine through it was fairly easy. got a confirmation email and everything. hopefully they dont flake

  67. Just waited in line at Finishline, got there at 4 pm was first in line baby…just got home feelin so accomplished

  68. im working freakin early tom. as expected.. its a waste of time.. they wouldnt sell dem joints.. dey be sellin it for $269 which u can see at JB totally fucks with errbody wen it comes to this kind of hype!

  69. ok so any1 who got theirs from footlocker or champs didnt get a confirmation email, including myself. wen i ordered it said that i will receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs. is this gonna fall thru or wat? is champs gonna give me the confirmation email or will i jusst not get em? any suggestions/feedback?

  70. got 2 pairs off finish line like a half an hour ago it died for like 2 hrs then i tried one more time and bought them there like noone on the site got my conformation email and evrything:)

  71. House of hoops in Harlem NYC had 500 pairs was out there from 11pm to 2am got em and they still have some just no 8 or1/2 9 or 9 1/2 or 13 14 or 15

  72. why bother be outside in the cold, when you are get it online and mail to an none taxable state! $175 FLAT!

    Those people wants to make money off of it on ebay will get kill! But then again…maybe it worth more in couple years down the road…=) Enjoy everyone!

  73. live from Hayward CA southland mall. Its already MAD ppl here @ 12:10. But really I'm like WTF @ all these police about to clear out the parking lot & not letting us line up til 5:00? WTF? Stay tuned…

  74. I know where Southland Mall is in Hayward.

    There are cops there for real? And you are not allowed to camp out. Darn cops always messing with ppl.

  75. Cool the po-po's let us line up @ 2:00 but its quite a few heads in front of me. I'm glad I didn't leave to Bayfair.

  76. Mine came in today by mail ;) i had them pre ordered about 10days ago! Sweet sweet threw a 10 to the mailman just for making the effort in the snow and shit!

    Peace out peeps! And good luck for the ones camping!

  77. Damn u was gonna call at 9:55 mt time. And I fell

    asleep. Fuxking just woke up at 3:00 hurt!!!

    I went to

    kixclusive and ordered and got an email so let's see what's up with that. Has anyone ordered from kixclusive?

  78. Dang…all yall tried to order online?! I would never mess with that and I didnt. Got to the mall at like 4:30. Missed my sized at footlocker then ran to finishline which opened an hour later and was one of the firsts in line. Got my size but havent really got a chance to full inspect them or wear them because now I'm at work!

  79. Copped mine early in the A.M. but after awhile I didnt think I would get them, I mean these are straight fire but its just a GR and every mf and there bother will be rocking them acting like there knee deep in the shoe game. They should have made these a QS with limited qty's because I dont wanna be rocking them and seeing 10 other f's wearing them also.

  80. Got some in a size 10 for me and 6 td for my son from finishline in Sc glad I dnt live in the big cities cuz I barely got mine after the store was bumrushed bu 100 dudes too bad for u suckas that didn't get to cop!

  81. Yo Thizz505…..i order a pair of spacejams on kixclusive and there scummin us out big time. we keep sending emails asking when they are coming in but no answers. we expected them by christmas but its not gunna happen. we ordered on december 15 but i also order a pair of og 10s. but goodluck kid.i just went to store and picked u another pair of SJs nd they actually had my size

  82. Pretty Easy Cop. Didn't have to wait in line, but I got up early enough to go ahead and get my size 8. They not the ogs…but they're very well worth buyin…

  83. Man just got my pair from hibbet sports alot of people didnt know they was gona have them every one went to footaction and finnishline but i had to get these man they just to hard!!! jamz ooh jamz!! lol

  84. Yo PeteyMaggsays l: it says on kixclisieve that shoes pitches by a certain fate are being shipped after Christmas. And I think the 15th was it dog. So idk Ima keep my fingers crossed they already took my money out the bank. They said their a legit website let's see.

  85. Mines are on hold and being picked up, but dont know how much I want them anymore, sounds like everyone and there mama gonna be rockin Jamz. May just put em up on Craigs or Ebay.

  86. I dont know what the person who said these were a GR was talking about. Both stores I went to (footlocker and finishline) sold out within a few minutes and there werent THAT many people waiting. But that could just be around my parts.

  87. Ordered a pair online @ midnight and got a pair from FinishLine this morning just to make sure. Really didn't wait in line I just walked in and walked out. Took like 6mins tops. Most of that was the dude selling them checking out my OG playoff 12s and asking where I got them from. Anyhow guess no one scoped out the store I went to across town.

  88. Just got back from Southland Mall in Hayward. 8 hours standing in line and I had to take the biggest leak of my life. But I'm glad I wear size 12… wasnt too many of those moving so Im happy to say COPPED!!!!

  89. ive never seen so much hype for one shoe… nggas were upp 4 a.m goin to get them… i love these but not worth 175. 150 woulda been better. i jus cant get over the icey bottoms. thats the only reason i like them. but these are overrated.

  90. I got to the mall around 930am and no stores had anything above a 9 luckily I caught somebody returning theirs in my size and I got those, I didn't think there would be that much demand for them in Detroit, but I saw a bunch of ppl leaving the mall uuuuuppset!

  91. LIsten people don't want to get jump for there sneakers even though it still happen which is mess up but yet in still people work hard for there money and that is not cool at at. But House of Hoops had 500 pair in Harlem NYC 125st the line was around the corner but we all got a pair which is cool but we was on line from 11pm until 2am feet were cold forreal but God Bless and hunting be safe

  92. Got ma 3 pairs no lines for me all retail. Stayed in slept good. I feel bad for whoever ain't get there's sike sux for ya

  93. My whole family got some Me,my girl and my daughter we are the freshest family in tha world

  94. Got my pair this morning at my local footlocker. I had to reserve my pair. These are jus fresh total damage done was $190.23 lol it was worth it tho

  95. dam daz crazy how da fuckin websites crashed, u kno dere wuz a bitch load of ppl online. buh my crazy ass went to da mall at 5 am and dey opened da doors at 7, dere wuz a fuckin mad dash 2 get 2 finishline, i wuz lucky 2 get a pair

  96. i whent to the mall at 6 and waited with 5 other people and the finishline only had 7 sizes every one got a pair.they sold out with in an hour. these shoes were worth waiting for.

  97. i ordered em from footlocker nd champs but no confirmation email… so i decided to head to da mall at 5… der was ppl waitn in line from 1am!! so i sneaked in the employee entrence at da mall nd waited till footaction to open at 7 was one of da first ppl to cop… later on at 5 pm i got da confirmation email from both champs nd footlocker so now i got 3 pairs…. my christmas is da sh!t…

  98. I WOKE UP AT 4 AM GOT TO THE CITY @530 ,waited in line till 8am at nike town to find out they didnt even have my sz so i bought an i was leaving i walked down to the nba store and saw only 5 guys standing in line and asked them if they were waiting for the spacejams and they said yes so i told the last guy to hold my spot and i ran back to nike town and returned my size 11 then went back to the nba store and waited till 10am to open and finally was able to get my sz which is a 10.5 :) …all that work paid off in the end

  99. cosign@ko the after math was a mess people breaking down footlocker doors smh if we black had the same attitude towards education and cleaning up our community we would be in much better standing

  100. yeeah space jams are fresh. but i only got my self a pair, im so crazy about this i wanna rock 'em out. at the sametime i wanna keep a pair icy. anyone know if dey gonna have secound shipment on these online ?!?!? if i dont get another pair im gona be force to wear my only pair.

  101. all these dumb idiots talking about returning the spacejams are lying cuz i know for a fact that on releases such as these they dont do returns, the employees tell u before buying

  102. I had my order denied by Foot Locker and got just an apology e-mail from them that sounded real bureaucratic. Some people asked about Order #'s from Footlocker and other places that started with the letter "G" and whether those got the order. The answer is no. All online orders that have a confirm number that start with the letter "G" did not get a pair. There's much more to it which I will state on my blog at this address at 8PM PST:

  103. Shot out to my boys that stayed in line at the FL in Brea, Ca. (BJ, lil Frankie, Will) Keep that arizona sneaker game alive.

    The infrareds are next boys.

  104. I wear a size 14.Twelve pair were listed on the bay today in this size. The hype created caused people to panic buy with the intent to profit. Nothing wrong with the profit intent. If you really want them wait 2 months and save yourself money. You'll get them cheaper.

  105. HORROR STORY. …..I lined up for these at midnight in wellington fl. Da place I was gona get them at shipped them to other stores because of security reasons. (Not enough security to handle the mob) so I was third in line. Doors open at 7, I was third n my girl was 4th in line. So we get to the footlocker gate n bout 30 mins later buddy comes out talking bout "we only got 5 pairs left"! They were 7.5, 8, 8.5,9, 10. He said employes got first dibs. I'm a size 13 I was pissed. I'm surprise a riot didn't break out. People were cryn n tryn to fight each other. I grabed a 8 and a 7.5.. as I was walking out a buddy offered offered me 300 for the size 8 so he got em. N I walked out with a 7.5, went home got on the pc n did my home work n found the size 13's for the 265.! The moral here is if u want them bad enough u will do wat it takes to get em! Thank god no one got hurt it was a ugly situation but worked out in the end. Marry xmas guys!!!!!

  106. Got my pair with out any hassles woke up at 7am had a good breakfast, took a shower and drove out to "finishlin" where my girl got me my pair that she held.. Ahha Lifes good!

  107. Shit was ridiculous. Had to call the cops to my store cuz of how stupid people were getting. Glad I didnt have to wait in line for mine tho. Ahh feels good to work for foot locker :D

  108. Man you hardup guys need to pay all your back child support BEFORE you even think about buying any shoes. Good grief.

  109. im sick of these fuckin shoe stores talkin about employees get first dibs if they want the shoes bad enough they need to be in fuckin line like everybody else!!! i just had to get that out

    still got my pair tho lol

  110. Man. What a experience that was. Sat in 28 degree weather for 9 1/2 hours for these. There was a kid that was lined up from 6pm yesterday and didn't even get a pair! I felt bad for him, it was gonna be his first pair of Jordans, and what a 1st pair it would've been. Footlocker did people dirty. My store had 7 pair, after footlocker employees took 5 of them. I was lucky enough to get my size 12, and I emphasize lucky. I thought since they were general release, these wouldn't be a huge issue. My first campout, as I am usually golden online. Online didn't go so well, so no sleep and heat was my consequence. Seems people had same issues with footlocker we did. Too bad, but if I worked there I would've got 2 pair for me. All in all I got mine in my size, went straight to the ziplock bags. Congrats to those thst got their pair.

  111. S*** was Krazy. But I got Mine At 8:30 a.m. Had to kamp out on Tuesday a;; day fromm morning to next morning. It was fun. There so sweet!!!

  112. got mine at like 3:00pm,no camp out nothing,just walked in got my size pay for them walked out, it was a pre-order too they had them on display. Nike Bloor they treat you likee stars;)

  113. i waited for the stores in miami and i couldnt get them. all of the people who said they easily got them no line no problem what store did you get them at i dont care where it is

  114. these websites are f in retarded they said they got my order at 9 the next morning i found out they didnt go thru by then every srore in miami was sold out fuck champs sports

  115. The only 2 camps out I did for Js were for the CDP 11-12 and the DMP 5s. Other then those 2 packs I have always chanced it and ordered online @ midnight. I did the same with the "jams" and was lucky enough to get my pair today, straight from Niketown courtesy of FedEX overnight. Just gotta go to less congested sites online, you know everyones gonna be on footaction, footlocker, finishline and eastbay.

  116. The pair I copped at the store was in San Antonio, TX. No wait just speed walked to the door since I saw a couple other people eyeing the finish line too. I made it in and got the last pair of 11s. In out in 6mins tops. Most of that time was the dude asking where I got my OG playoff 12s from. I decided to split though cuz people were trying to buy them off me as soon as I got my reciept. Could have made a good 100+ profit, but no reselling here. One pair for my collection to store and one pair for me to wear like twice a year.

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