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  1. For the last time these aren’t the f#&$*#* raptors there the charcoals! For a website that is based.on shoes ad can’t get the right name of a shoe. Your credibility is really lacking….

    1. Relax with the Raptor stuff. You know it came from the original Toronto Raptor jerseys right? The red and purple….and even though the team didn’t exist when these came out, its just a nickname that happened. Which are Raptors, which aren’t…who cares. They have red and purple…..like the damn jersey!!

  2. Sooo anyone got robbed? Lol a police officer friend told me that here in the Bronx a whole line of campers got robbed at gun point by 4 thugs. It’s not worth it people!!

    1. It comes from the fact that the shoes have the red and purple colors of the original Toronto Raptors jersey on them (the dinosaur ones). But obsessed fools get all worked up about which are actually “Raptor” VIIs.
      People need to relax and realize these things are just sneakers, and nobody slapped their Momma or anything.

    2. the original toronto raptors jersey with the dinosaur had purple and red. so its a nickname that was adopted from that. in my opinion these should be called playoff VIIs. save some whining and complaining and confusion.

  3. Mannn there are actually people gettin all worked up cause of the name .. Haha SmH

    All i know is that these were my first pair of js i owned back when i was in 4th grade .. Glad i copped a pair ..