Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 6IX (Six) Rings White / Dark Concord - Black

Its that time, tomorrow, October 25th 2008 the Air Jordans 6IX (Six) Rings White / Dark Concord aka Concords release. Taking on inspiration from the Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords, which we just featured in this weeks Retrospect. Retail is $150, and for those of you that do not want to wait in line, most online retailers will release tonight at 9PM PST and 12AM EST. Remember to check out the official Air Jordan Release Dates page.

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  1. i ilke'em but ill pass. too much heat dropping next month need the cash. Motorsport XX3, 8/15 CDP, and the doernbecher AJ1's & AF1's. And then of cousre the 11/12 pack in Dec.

  2. RIP LOS…. bro…. getting a pair of shoes dont mean that you richer than anyone….it also do not make you special….. anyways you wasted your money cuz these is trash…….. i dont have the original concords but i do have the DMP XI's that I bought 2 yrs ago……. What a full time student in college and got his shoe game up…..!!!! Catch up bitch!!!!!!!!!

  3. RonSaysSo's right these are trash. jb stop with this fusion/hybrid kinda look like the retro bs and just give us the damn retros.

  4. RIP LOS..dnt even…like the one above me said..these r thrash..get the OG Concords then u can brag about it/.=) get ur paper up.lame ass..


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