Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 4 - 19 Countdown Pack

Tomorrow, July 19th Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 4 – 19 Countdown Pack. As you know the Air Jordan 4 (IV) Black / Cement Grey – Fire Red has not released since 1999, and since they are returning, many of us are planning to get a few packs.

The other edition to the Air Jordan 4 – 19 Countdown Pack is the Air Jordan 19 (XIX) Retro in Black / Chrome – Varsity Red. Released in 2004, many have looked over this pair and are purchasing only for the Jordan 4. Either way, they are releasing officially tomorrow, or tonight at the links below. Retail is $310, image via Proper.

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  1. they both clean. the 4s could be better but is still worth 310 for me. and i agree with hectmister, shouldnt have been both bred. hopefully will cop these later on in the future.

  2. I got a pair of OG 19's so I dont want these I just want the 4's since I already have that colorway of th e 19's

  3. They should of released the 19s in a white colorway.

    Even though Im not liking this pack, just like some of the others, Ill probably end up copping anyways.

  4. Not worth 310 at all. The most this pack will sell for after it all sells out is prolly $400… 19s are wack… i got the OG IVs size 9 DS $550.

  5. Not worth 310 at all. The most this pack will sell for after it all sells out is prolly $400…

  6. Not for me. I'm waiting for the 11/12 CDP in December, although I do kind of regret passing on the 7/16 pack its cool, I really only want the 11/12 pack

  7. first of all those ivs shouldnt even be worth 100 because it looks like the cheapest jordan yet and the xix are a dissapointment as well because jb decided to put jumpman on the back for no reason

  8. it's a pass 4 me the 19's r ugly and the 4's r ok but the look 4 some reason don't look like they were made with good material

  9. The 4's in this colorway r my favorite Jordan of all time…

    These were definitely before their time n they still fresh to this day..


  10. Yo is the idiot who payed $700 for it last week when clearly you just got completely robbed in front of your face and you didn't even know…W0W are you dum or did you just decided to give away your money for a pack the sucks cause the 4's aren't a 0G and the 19's pretty sure blow honestly people like you make you think if your clearly retarted or just stupid…….

  11. LMFAO!!

    700 is way TOO much

    Now if u would have gotten them 2 months ago then sure why not(if u really wanted them)

    either way i got ROBBED!!


    not cool

  12. dam haha. With those bootleg looking IV's its gonna be harder than usual to differentiate fakes from the real thing :|

  13. these are so soft and Johnny knos the deal

    both shoes make it ALRIGHT but not worth it unless obviously you are a collector even a collector should get these thru network for cheaper than 300.

  14. yo the 19's are fresh dope mad comfortable and the 4's are lookin smooth too but im really after the 19's so if anyone buys a pack 10.5 and wants to sell the 19's holla at me <–email

  15. peeps talked mad smack about this pack and it soldout quicker online than any of the other goddamn cdp's. pfft.

  16. Copped….and I was charged 300 not 310…(317.25w/tax inluded)..

    any one need the XIX in a 9.5? Get at me askin for below retail..





  18. i wasnt going to cop these until i seen them in person, but these are fire youll regret passing on this CDP…

  19. the iv's are dope…i like these a lot! so the only misses i see are a little small lace plastic tab, the obvious jumpman in the back and the tongue is a little light on the padding from the '99..i was just curious…is this the first cdp pack that had 2 black based shoes in it??

  20. FUCK THA IV's, Strait Up, I Just Got Back From Tha Movies, & I Wasnt Gone Rock'em But I Did, MaNNNNNNN, Those Mutha Fuckaz Is Clubsy Az Fuck, I Was Walkin With a Limp So My Kicks Wouldnt Crease, So Guess What Happened, No Creases But They Got Scuffed Up Like A Bitch On Tha Toe,JB Needs 2 Step They Game Up, I Pay $310.00 4 Sum Kicks I Better Get My Moneys Worth!!!

  21. ^^^^

    I agree I got 3 7/16 packs at my house…it was for me and my brothers graduation from high skool…The quality of 1 of the 16s that my brother had it wasnt 2 great…the tip of the shoe was fucked up like they didnt spray or paint it right…but other then that the packs was fresh…

    ehhh im passing on this pack though..I am going 2 get the 5/18 instead…


  22. got my pair… so disapointed… like everyone else has been saying… the damn shape is so off!!! quality sucks on the IVs, feels cheap.

  23. This pack is hot, but they sold out quicker than I thought they were. I figured this would be the pack that no one would buy, but they did. The 4's are hot too, and I never had them before, but from what ppl are saying these are like the og.

  24. yea i remember wen i got my 19z they were my first jordanz it was cause i was a nike guy now im a j-head

  25. the 4s was a MUST cop..i sold my 19s…if u missed out on the 4s sorry for are the 3s..they are a MUST the 20s i will be selling lol…u rarely get a pack where both shoes are a is always perfect the other not really…however..the 16/7 pack was both a banger..i think thas why we all CANT WAIT FOR THE 11/12 PACK. cuz both the 11 and 12s r a MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. "And all the peoples of the earth will see that the name of the Lord is on you, and they will go in fear of you." (Deuteronomy, 28, 10)!!

  27. Does anybody know if after all the countdown packs this year is JB going to release any retros in 2009????????

  28. Hey thakickboss ….the rumors are that next years is going to be the package again,but wizards colors…but only retros i really don't know.jb got to do it…i would love some 3,4,6 (infra reds),7 and 11…that would be ok with me.I got my 4/19 package this pass week (late but i got it)…those 4 are so fresh!!!!! not like the 99 but fresh!!!!

  29. Ay3 D4wG d3ze B a Mu$t c0p f0 sh0. Mo$ d3f c0ppin d3ze p4ckz PLu$ da 11/12 p4ckz ya DiiiiiGGGGG??? BRiX We OuT