Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro Levi Denim Pack

Another big release for March 1st is the Air Jordan Retro 1 x Levi Denim Pack. For those of you that do not know, this pack comes with a pair of Jordan 1, Levi x Jordan Jeans, and a T-Shirt.

Below we have a size chart, if your wondering what size jeans you can get with your Jordans or the T-Shirt. Retail price is $395 with online retailers selling for a couple hundred more. We have taken a screen shot of all the locations which you can see after the jump.

Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro Levi Denim Pack
Shoe Size: 8 Jeans Size: 32×32 or 34×32 T-Shirt Size: L
Shoe Size: 9 Jeans Size: 34×34 or 36×32 T-Shirt Size: XL
Shoe Size: 10 Jeans Size: 36×34 or 38×32 or 40×32 T-Shirt Size: XXL
Shoe Size: 11 Jeans Size: 38×32 or 40×34 T-Shirt Size: XXL
Shoe Size: 12 Jeans Size: 38×34 or 40×32 T-Shirt Size: XXXL
Shoe Size: 13 Jeans Size: 40×34 T-Shirt Size: XXXL


  1. The pack is sexy as hell but the sizing and the price is wack!!!…$400 plus and you can't get the proper size…I don't like the shoes that much to pay 4 bills for. Very disappointed :

  2. Hell yeah they limited. Just like the Titanium 23's everyone was hating on before they came out. Now look at them everybody paying $1,200+ just to get a pair.

    I got three pair of the Jordan-Levis pack. And two of the Titanium 23 both size 9.

    3 size 9 jeans 34×34 shirt xl.

  3. thats madd stupid since u wear size 8 thats means u gotta get size 32 and large shirt big clothes is not even in lyk that

  4. does any1 who where 2 get these in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley in California????….need 2 know asap!!!

  5. I'm gonna hook up a forum where people that did buy them who need and want to swap sizes can do so there. Because I'm def rockin my set. The others will be sold!

  6. for reals, Next Time JB, Make the pants and shirt not limited when you do this kind of pack again please..

    cus i wear a sz 12 and i have a 30 x 30 waist.

    and the smallest you guys got is a 32 x 32? horrible.


  7. With all the great stuff coming out in 08'. The $395 price tag make this an easy pass for me. I do think the 1's look really nice though.

  8. people are only buying these cuz there limited. this shit is wack. 400 no. If y'all only knew that jordan brand is releasing like 5 retro ones in the next couple months no bs

  9. Man, I am a size 12 and a skinny mother fcker. What is the deal with the sizing. The price is pretty lame too, a lot of people buying are probably just buying for the shoe. $400 J's! Damn

  10. thats gay mi im 14 & i wear a 13 but i kno i aint that big…hell im an l/xl tee & i aint as tall or fat as them jeans… gay…

  11. thats gay man im 14 & i wear a 13 but i kno i aint that big…hell im an l/xl tee & i aint as tall or fat as them jeans… gay…

  12. I guess you gotta be a fatass to buy this pack…

    I wear a size 13 and wear a 32"32 sz jeans xl shirt but would have to get 40"34 and an XXXL????????

    Dumb Idea Nice shoes….

  13. Yea li one that s**t taxing man I'm wating the on the #17 hommie let get it your turly rastaman

    Yea li one that s t taxing man I'm wating on the # 17 hommie let get it your truly rastaman

  14. I have a size 9 & 10 on ebay. Do an advanced search for seller fentoni187 if ur looking for a pack priced under $800.

  15. Whoever decided the sizing for this pack is on heroin.

    They should come up with more products and sell them separately. This is just ridiculous.

    I wonder if they even care, considering the pack sold out in minutes.

  16. I agree with ponchivison because you can get the perfect size shoes.. but get some BIG ASS jeans lol.. im passin on this one.

  17. ok i was really lookin forward to this package. i love the jordan ones and i love levis, putem 2gether and thats an amzing package. but when i saw that the 12 shoe came with a 38 waist paints and a xxxl shirt i was pissed, my skinny ass cant fit 38 paints. i think they should have been better with the sizing but those of you that can fit these sizes r hella lucky cuz this is one of the hottest packages jordan is releasin


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