Nike Air Stab Hounds-tooth Pack

A few days ago we covered Nike‘s latest Air Max package, which included the Air Max 90 360, Air Max 95 and Air Max LTD designed with a simple Hounds-tooth silhouette. Pictured above, is a the Air Stab which some how did not appear anywhere until it was seen on a message board under the latest pick-ups. As mentioned on the board, the Air Stab as well as the rest of the models included, are now available in stores. Via ISS.

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  1. Man, the more I see of this pack the more I like it. Love the use of mesh and color scheme, overall a very coppable pair!

  2. YES!!! I got my stabs today! n they are wayyyy tooooo sexyyyyy they also come with another set of shoe strings and i also saw the air max 95 thats included in this pack n yes they are also sexy…. Downtown Locker Room had them.

  3. just picked up the latest newark eagle stabs at st. alfreds in chicago, BANANAS! im goin for the hounds next!

    be easy ya'll