Along with Allen Iverson’s return to Philadelphia, comes the return of two Reebok Questions. This Saturday, December 5, 2009, the original Philadelphia 76ers colorway and a black colorway of the Reebok Question- both of which are pictured here- will drop at Foot Lockers nationwide. Reebok seemingly could not pass up the opportunity to use Iverson’s return to help revitalize their Question silhouette, which Iverson fans who followed him since the beginning of his career will definitely recall seeing him wear. In fact, he wore the white/blue/red Philadelphia 76ers colorway during ONE of his battles with MJ in his rookie season (while MJ made heads turn in his white/red XIIs). So how many of you will be buying one or both of these two pairs? Do you think it’ll help AI find his mojo again?

Via Dime.


  1. yea im 1st they nice but yo do u see them 12's mj got on i luv them lol j/p but ima com them cuz errbody n they momma got jays n nikes or sum form of fake jays mix d wit sum nikes or a timberland lol so the question is will they bring back some more old ai's shoes n start makin sum hotter ones 4 the future profomance is great 2 have but what about the style some one need to bring that finess beck 2 the sneaker world reebok could do it u no wit ai back n philla n all new beginning anyone plz make the new ai shoes eye catching plz do it 4 the sneaker heads

  2. MJ with the Cherry 12s!

    I'm not buying any stankin Questions! I bought some on the cheap when they came out a few years back to ball in. They hurt my feet like a muthafu….!

  3. I still remember copping these in 10th grade and shutting down all of RHS (lol) These are the only pair of Reebok's I've ever owned … shows you how big AI was when he hit the league and also how good Reebok did with these shoes. No other Iverson kicks have come close to these … good to see AI back in the Illadelph. Nice marketing move on Reebok's part. They were probably doing it since he announced his "retirement" but it will probably turn out even better with him coming back to Philly. Way to catch lightning in a bottle …