Reebok Pump Omni Hexride Player Exclusive (PE) - Allen Iverson | Denver Nuggets Away

Reebok has added a few key additions over the years including Baron Davis, Yao Ming, Marvin Williams and other stars of the NBA but, Allen Iverson is still one of the main faces of the companies basketball division. The most recent Pump Omni Hexride Player Exclusive (PE) utilizes the Denver Nuggets’ away color for the make-up of the basketball sneaker. Black, gold and blue are paired with Hexride techology as well as Iverson’s branding at the ankle. Now available at Eastbay.


  1. why the need to say 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc? They're alright, but has Reebok become so wack that A.I. doesn't even get his own signature shoe anymore? He just get's a P.E.?

  2. i have all the iversons well the question 1-3 and the answer 1-11 and i think they all are comfortable and look good 2 play ball in and 2 just where so i dont know what ppl r saying when thay say reebok lost it case the kobes r ugly and hurt 2 where case there so uncomfortable and the lebrons are not as bad as the kobe's but still ugly as hell and not even near as good looking as any of the iverson's so ppl just hatein and these aint even player pe these are in east bay in home color and away


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