Reebok Pump Court Victory II

Originally released in 1987, the Reebok Pump Court Victory II is making its return starting next year. This specific model is made up of a white leather upper along with blue and orange accents and of course the “Pump” on the tongue. Release is slated for the beginning of next year and will be limited in quantity. Only a few pairs will be available per store, BNYCOnline is one of the retailers that will be selling the Pump Court Victory II’s.

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  1. We have covered these fully in its return and they will help you put blue and orange accents on the tongue. Its return I'm going to give you is to be confident. Why? Because its return is too small.

  2. ^^ what the hell are you talking about?

    anyway, those sneakers look nice. classic, clean styling

  3. LoL and I thought I spewed a lot of non sense. China man learning english takes the cake. Looks like raw babel fish conversions.

  4. Lots of fun new stuff coming out from Reebok next year. I'm working on my store's order for January right now.