iverson reebok shoes question iii 3

iverson reebok shoes question iii 3

With diminutive point guard Allen Iverson opting to sport the Question III Mid on-court for nearly every game last season, Reebok wisely chose to produce the unique silhouette in a low top format. The shoe is distinguished by a suede toe and a ventilated TPU heel chassis to help dissipate heat. And just like every other product form RBK’s illustrious Question line, the model implements Hexalite in the heel and forefoot for added comfort and support. Expect to see the Question III Low at standard Reebok suppliers and at the brand’s official website sometime between November and December!

iverson reebok shoes question iii 3
Also slated for release this year is Allen Iverson’s twelfth signature model, the aptly named Answer XII. The shoe received inspiration from A.I.’s two-sport past, as the Denver Nuggets guard was both an All-State point guard and All-State quarterback while growing up in Hampton, Virginia and playing for Bethel High. Here’s a frontal first look at the Bethel-inspired XII that’s toned up in a compelling blend of white/kelly green/gold. Via: KAD


  1. with jb going downhill and nike bringin up lame shit

    im kinda looking forward to wat rbk and adidas are doing right now

    keep doin ya think answer and MELO

  2. the answer 12's r tight as hell and so r the question III to and nike r just ugly ugly broke ass hell and there trying the sell the kobes and lebron 4 125-145 hahahahahaha what a rip off i dont know why ppl do it …R.I.P… nike

  3. are these answer 12 coming out i thank they r the bethel ones

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