Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look

Here we have two upcoming Reebok Answer 11, one pair which is on the left is the All Star edition, and on the right is a Denver Nuggets color scheme. We only have one picture of the All Stars, but a very nice detailed look at the Denver Nuggets pair.

The Reebok Answer 11 features a Mortal – Immortal side of Allen Iverson, which represents Iverson’s immortal heart he plays the game with inside his mortal body. Retail is around $150 USD. Via Kenlu.

Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look
Reebok Answer 11 Detailed Look


  1. I am loving the iversons. Honestly they look better than the jordans>>> yeah I said it and what! $150.00 yes. I felt the iversons from last year was worth $150.00. I am picking up every color. Adidas & Reebok are the best.

    F- You haters

  2. Maybe this shoe is for die-hard fans of Iverson only… At 150$ retail nobody will buy them. They look like knock-offs or some students work… Look at them they are shapeless. Iverson line is dying…

  3. Hold off for 3-4 months and you will be able to get them for $40 bucks just like I did with the AI 9 and 10 (the 10’s are some of the best playing shoes I have had, up there with the Nike Kobe 1). Hope it has DMX in it. Right now it looks like a budget shoe you would find at Kohl’s or JC Penny’s. I hope some of the other colorways will make it look sharper. But I bet you it will be a good playing shoe. As for them looking better than the AJ22s, how could they not?

  4. Not even i would say they are better than Jordans. the 15s maybe but unlikely. $150 is overpriced for these shoes.

  5. I aint much of a reebok guy myself, but anybody who wants to hate be my guest!!! iverson is my dude and these are ON POINT for real!!!

  6. as much as i love AI and his shoeline, this one is just too ugly. maybe with different colorways, but not these. and that's just maybe

  7. These are alot better than the previous selection. I expect these kicks to most certainly sale extremely hard(For basketaball usuage only).

  8. Wow ! Iverson is improving, these are arent the best hoop shoes out, but they are pretty impressive. Much better than all the d-wades to me. If he makes a different colorway I might consider buying them. 3.8/5

  9. this aint answer 11's.. these are Question 3's.. look it up on the latest kicks magazine sept issue.. (jordan cover)

  10. These are a touch above the previous iversons. Maybe not reaching the heights of the 4 and Questions but up there nonethless. It might just be because its too busy, compared to cleaner resolved lines of the Q's and 4's. Its great as it is, my only quibble is that the materials don't look like they stitch together as cleanly as you'd like. There are noticeable crumples in the first (All Star) and forth (inner) picture. But its a minor thing. Well done, and an improvement Reebok. Props

  11. Whats with the blue and red colorway? AI plays for Denver now Reebok.

    I love AI but I hate Reebok and Im not really feelin these. But I hope a light blue and yellow colorway is released.

    But as always I'll still buy AI's aneakers regardless of how crap they are.

  12. Damn..these are smooth.

    Ima have to purchase em. for some reason I like how the midsole is exposed too. I also like the heel view. I think these are worth putting on ice. These might compete with the questions and the fours IMO.

  13. These are terrible, as usual almost no tech in the sole and barely any ankle support with a useless velcro strap. Noone is buying these at $150

  14. YO this AI look hot , but the strap they copy tmac5 and no pumps???? and $150????? LeBron's cost less than that and its way better

  15. maan this shoes dont look dat nice compare to the 10.

    ILL buy it if they make it in sixers coler its goin look way tiighter

  16. Answer X is way much better than this one. I hope they tweak it to make it a worthy predecessor of Answer X.

  17. says 11/2007 for the black/white/carolina

    12/2007 for the white/carolina

    2/2008 for the All Star, and the Gold and Silver

  18. AI doesn't really seem to like his XI's, he seems to prefere the Question 3's, he's wearing the Q3's practically every game, even the All-Star game, great shoes too BTW.

  19. love the shoes all iversons are better then jordans and any other shoes iverson is the best rip kobe shoes


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