One of the few hyped releases for the month of November is the ‘Black Toe’ Air Jordan 1. Not long after the release, retailers were completely sold-out which leads to pairs being purchased on the aftermarket. Here is our latest guide helping you legit check your Air Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe’.

Replicas have gotten better through the years, however they do miss things that the authentic release will have. For example, the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe will have peaks on the fakes, different stitch patterns, stars on the outsole are larger and more. The authentic stands out from the unauthorized by having the correct shape, correct colors and more.

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Below you can check out some highlighted differences between the real and fake Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Black Toe’ to help you ensure your pair is authentic. The video posted above will go more in depth.

Real vs. Fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe

Some standout differences between authentic and fake version of the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe is the lacing setup. For some reason, fake factories will have the laces through the second hole as well as the bottom. They also come with a cardboard insert while the lace bag is not attached and is larger then the authentic. We don’t put a lot of emphasis on this because you could easily remove the lace bag, cardboard insert and unlace, however if you do spot any of these listed, just be aware.
Real Fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Legit

1. Peaks: You will notice that the overlay on the toe will have peaks on the fake pair. Peaks are also spotted on the heel. The authorized pair will not have peaks.
Real Replica Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Peaks

2. Wings Branding: Where it reads ‘Jordan’ on the Wings branding, the R and D on the authentic will touch at the bottom. The replica will have a gap.
Authentic Fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Wings Branding

3. Nike Air Placement: The Nike Air located on the tongue for the retail version is almost flush with the seam. The fake will have a large gap.
Fake Retail Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Nike Air

4. Shape of the Heel: While the overall shape is off, the best way to see it is the heel. The authentic will have almost an hour glass shape while the fake will be boxy and actually bows out.
Replica Authentic Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Heel

5. Stitching Inside of the Panel: The authentic Jordan 1 Black Toe will have White stitching on the inside of the lateral panel with minor hints of Black. Replicas will feature all Black stitching.
Fake Real Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Stitching

Real Fake Unauthorized Air Jordan 1 Black Toe

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