To accommodate the Grey Spy from Spy vs. Spy, a Friends and Family Puma Spy 2 High “Grey” was made, and a special auction was held at Bodegas in Boston. The winner paid $2,000 for this pair, who has a store located across the street from Bodegas. Here is the short video with the last minutes of bidding, enjoy.


  1. $2000 for some pumas?? this guy paid $1999.99 to much, i would cut grass, wash my car, go swimming, and mud wrestle with pumas on, what a dumba$$

  2. its not about the shoe. he was supporting his local business. i would of shook his hand and congratulated him if i were there. not stand around trying to look cool and broke like everyone else at that auction. i can sit here on my comp and say puma aint shit like any materialistic bum (see above ^).. yet the truth is as i type the puma company are pulling in net profit that i hope to one day earn and work hard for.

  3. aight i apologize for my comment, hes not a dumbass, he juss has bad taste, i still think the puma looks wack though and for 2 geez??… im pretty sure you can find some better heat for that much money

  4. $2000 for Pumas I would never do it. Spy vs Spy editions. I hate that show cause the Black spy would always lose to the White spy