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Puma Classic Suede “Wool Pack” – Coming Fall 2013

puma classic suede wool pack fall2013

The Puma Classic Suede is in every respectable sneakerhead’s collection. It’s an iconic sneaker, appropriately named, as it is simply a classic suede kick.

But what happens when you take a sneaker like the the Puma Classic Suede and wrap it in an entirely different material?  Lucky for us, it turns out that time itself does not stop and the universe does not implode onto itself. Whew! Instead, we get an absolutely beautiful set of sneakers from Puma, the Puma Classic Suede “Wool Pack”. Don’t worry, the delicious premium suede is still present, working perfectly with the slightly-fuzzier wool texture to give the the Puma Classic Suede “Wool Pack” an absolutely lavish look and feel.  The pack will contain three great dark colorways: a dark olive, rich black, and very dark brick red, sure to look perfect in the Fall weather.

Look for the Puma Classic Suede “Wool Pack” to hit shelves this September; in the meantime, be sure to check out the pictures after the break!

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