John Maeda, the President of The Rhode Island School of Design, recently partnered up with Canton, Massachusetts company Reebok to design two limited versions of the brand’s iconic Freestyle model. The professor borrowed from his diverse to background, crafting the double-strapped aerobic shoe in black/pink/white and white/purple/black/multicolored. The end result is dubious at best; the Emoretion (the pink jawn) is distinguished by a disgusting fade pattern and block-lettered words of inspiration that mark up the heel. (See “brilliant” and “visionary” after the jump.) The multi-colored product, well, that’s just a monstrosity. But hey, I could be wrong–this could be a classic “refined art” versus “mass culture” struggle. Maybe it’s me who isn’t cultivated enough to understand the skilled cerebral efforts of Maeda. You can make that decision. Each shoe is available for $140 at Colette.